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There's a new mattress in town.

Aug 25, 2001 (Updated Jul 31, 2012)
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Pros:Looks sleek, very comfy


The Bottom Line: Pass on Duxiana - get an AngelBeds, Tempurpedic or Euro-Flex. Dux is a VERY good quality bed, but I can't recommend it based ONLY on the inflated price.

Anyone who is considering a new Duxiana bed should read this!!!

My parents own the Swedish-made Duxiana (aka Dux bed) and swear by it. In Sweden, these beds are so popular, that parents pass their beds down to their children - they DO, however, purchase a new "topper" for the bed.

The bed is simple in its design, yet very comfortable. Unlike conventional spring mattresses or foam mattresses, the Dux bed utilizes a base with a different spring system than in typical American mattresses. There are more springs and they're inter-laced. The result is less strain on your body. There is also a foam-type topper mixed with 'down'. The bed is also a bit lower to the ground than most, especially if you sleep on a pillow-top bed now. Which means, that if you switch to a Dux bed, you'll need new sheets.

My parents could NOT sleep well prior to their Dux purchase...NOW they enjoy very deep sleep most every night. Another key feature, is that if you sleep with a "toss & turner" the other person will not feel it as much because it's not like a typical inner-spring mattress. The topper seems to deflect vibration from the other sleeper.  Of course, this is especially true for those who opt for two twin XL-sized mattresses and put them together to make a California King.  The fact that they're not actually connected really shields both sleepers from one another.

While at the Duxiana showroom, I tried out the bed for comfort...and it was amazingly comfortable. BUT when I asked the price, my jaw hit the floor. There are two models available and they range (depending on the extras you order) between $4900 and $6200. Who pays that kind of money for a BED?

The price of the Dux bed is really targeted for the wealthy or the folks with bad backs (where insurance might help pay for it). The average American citizen would not pay six or seven thousand dollars for a bed - especially in horrid economic climates.

Yes, the Duxiana bed is an amazing sleep system, but for the price, you could get a bed that is just as comfortable and NOT spend an entire re-fi on it. If you have money to burn, this is the bed for you.

I would recommend the Swiss-made Euro-Flex bed. It looks like Dux beds, is a bit more comfy, designed about the same (Euro-flex uses 4 parts to the sleep system vs. the three in a Dux bed) yet costs THOUSANDS less. I just bought my Euro-Flex 9000 series bed ($2800) and I'm so glad I did. If you happen to live near a Beds, Etc store, go there NOW! If not, check out Euro-Flex at www.euro-flex.com or www.euroflex.com (without the dash). Trust me...my back used to hurt...NO MORE! Save your money, Euro-Flex is just as good (if not better) better than Duxiana! By the way, my bed came with FREE pillows, not the hundreds you'd spend on Dux pillows!


The Euro-Flex has served me well, but it was a queen size bed. After getting married, my wife and I decided to get a California king and opted for a foam type of bed.

My Euro-Flex went to my new step daughter (who raves about it) and instead of paying over three thousand for a Tempur-Pedic bed, we found a place called Angel Beds located in Texas.

Euro-Flex and Duxiana mix foam with conventional mattress systems, while TempurPedic, AngelBeds and Bragada are completely made up of foam layers. AngelBed's foam is identical to Tempur-Pedic and cost about a thousand less. Check them out at www.angelbeds.com or click HERE to read my AngleBeds review.

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