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by datbug

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Feb 5, 2007
3:31 am PST

Me... love to vacuum??? amazing
by tnkat
I've owned a Kenmore Progressive for 6 years and became frustrated with the leftover dreadlocks and tumbleweeds littering the floor. When I bought new carpet last year, I intentionally picked the color to match my golden retriever. I didn't realize what a good job I had done until the Dyson Animal arrived 2 weeks ago. I had thought my house was fairly clean, until I vacuumed up about 2 "stray dogs". Yes, it was gross but also very impressive. The turbo tool is awesome, other vacuums have never cleaned pet hair off furniture very well. I wonder if I can use it on the dog? I bought my Dyson online for $349 (reg $500) as a factory refurbished unit so it only has a 6 month warranty. But I now believe that even if it explodes in month 7, that I will have gotten my money's worth. My husband was recently diagnosed with allergies and is, of course, sensitive to dust, dogs and our 2 cats. (we're newlyweds). Now with the Dyson, I expect to be able to keep him (the hubby). I called tech support when I unpacked it and had to hold a little while but they were friendly and solved my little problem quite easily. I never dreamed (or had nightmares) that I would one day actually enjoy vacuuming. Maybe I'll learn to do windows next?
Sep 20, 2004
9:06 pm PDT

Great Review
by keeponlaffing
I first read about the Dyson when I visited Singapore last month. I was very excited about it because Mr. Dyson put so much labor into it and had so many hurdles to overcome before he could get it manufactured. The article made it sound so good. And, yes Cathy, so do you. My next step is to go see it at the store. Thanks for your thorough review
Aug 30, 2004
2:51 pm PDT

Re: Re: The "fringe" noise
by rikc
I have a couple of spots on the carpet that make the ratchet noise as well, obviously it's the brush hitting against the casing because of the carpet dampness (we live in a VERY humid area, UGH!) I've only noticed it once before when I sort of ran the casing into the sofa. It scares you at first, but obviously it causes no damage to the vacuum. Initially I thought I was the the most insane person in the world to buy a 500 buck vacuum cleaner. Now I would gladly pay it again without a thought. We have two Shelties that leave hair everywhere, and this is the ONLY vacuum we have had that actually cleans it all up. We have gone through 3 expensive vacuums in the past 3 years that all choked and died within a year of their purchase, so this was a lifesaver.
Aug 10, 2004
7:03 am PDT

Re: Just one unanswered question...
by cathyjones
I do not use an attachment. I think it does better than my last Hoover. Of course some dust or hair scatters, but not to much and I can track it down easily enough.

Apr 30, 2004
7:35 pm PDT

Just one unanswered question...
by mom4k
How is the performance on hard surface floors? Do you need to use an attachment or just turn off the brush?

I guess that is sort of two questions!

Great review.
Apr 26, 2004
8:22 am PDT

What An Animal!
by theawesome1
After losing my Hoover Wind Tunnel, its $57 filters, $4 a piece bags, and 23# of back breaking vacuuming even with self propel; I found the first Animal I love..........

With 2 parrots, me with very long hair & I do shed, vacuums in my house do not last thru warranty. I get my $$ back on many Hoovers I've owned.

With a new electronics store opening (HH Gregg) we saw the Dyson, much talked about in Consumer Reports, on HGTV & DIY shows. Lowes never heard of it, and their web site listed Best Buy, Target, Sears & H H Gregg. $399 (yellow), $499 (purple), $599 (green) were prices that floored me. But as I was told, you never spend a cent after the initial purchase, so shop for the best price. So the original is the Yellow, then animal is purple & the high gear is green. Prices were identical at all stores, til we walked into H H Greg. $359 for the yellow one with only the attached 3 tools. $388 for the Animal which has 2 extra tools with floor cleaning agents included. $529 for the green one that has the 3 year warranty but nothing more than animal. SO WE TOOK THE ANIMAL!

Besides being my favorite color - PURPLE, it will be my birthday present from my husband, who just snapped a few pieces together & we were off.
I had just vacuumed with the Hoover a few hours earlier, and in 5 minutes running this purple animal, it was spinning dirt in its cyclone. The carpet actually looked the same as when I bought it in 1978! Footprints happen when you walk on it. Never had this with any Hoover.

Had to play with the attachments. The wand that is actually the handle, snaps apart, you turn it around & reassemble to accomodate the attachments. A handle drives them without me bending to clean. A BACK SAVER! The attachments: Dyson-engineered floor tool; cleans easily under sofas and beds. Adjusts for bare floors and carpets.

Animal™ turbo tool for pet, bird feathers, & my hair pick-up. This I call the turbo stair cleaner as I snapped it on the wand & did 13 carpeted stairs in record time. The air-powered brushbar effectively removes pet hair by brushing hair and fibers out of carpet pile and upholstery and into the constant Dyson suction. To feel the suction as this spins a 5 G's is amazing! Works in the car to eat what you didn't as well as winter's grime.

Attached to the body is a crevice tool, a soft brush that did excellent work on my mini blinds without creasing them, & what they call a stair tool that I will use to cleaning furniture as it raises nap to show detail of my sofa & recliner.

For free you get the carpet care kit to keep new carpets looking new. Groom Zorb carpet cleaning powder (sells for $35) into your carpets to absorb dirt and freshen the room. Dyzolv spray ($10) quickly removes spots and spills such as grease, food and soil. They are still in their box as any dirt the purple dirt eater just feasts on making my white carpet white, my rust color a great look & feel to it.

Dyson advertises: The most powerful upright
Dyson scientists developed the Root8Cyclone™ to give higher suction power and pick up more dust.
The Root8Cyclone™ is the first vacuum cleaner that doesn't lose suction. I second that!

Just press the catch and the 17ft hose is ready to use,no awkward parts to assemble & it reaches to the top of the stairs, cleans under low furniture with usage of the floor cleaner attachment that does wood floors as well as under furniture, so you don't need to move any.

You don't have to touch the dust, just pull the trigger. Right into the garbage can, no dirt on the floor when you miss. Your hands never tough the dirt!

No extra costs with Lifetime clog-free filters
There are no bags to buy and the filters are so efficient they last for the lifetime of the machine. Every 6 months just rinse them out, or if very dirty when cleaning do it every 3.

The brush control system protects rug fringes and the drive belt. The foot operated control easily turns the brush off when cleaning delicate rugs and hard floors.

The HEPA filter has a surface area of 416in.2 and is designed to retain the highest levels of microscopic dust particles and allergens. The Bactisafe™ screen kills bacteria. Bacteria, mold and allergens live in your carpet and removing them can help relieve the symptoms of asthma and allergies. Dyson's Bactisafe™ screen traps and kills bacteria, mold and allergens on contact, preventing them from re-entering the air. I love the idea of vacuuming the bed every month.

No need to bend down. Your back will love the Animal. The Dyson adjusts automatically to different carpet heights, so there are no awkward dials to adjust. It is light and easy to maneuver. The motor and wheel geometry balances the machine so the weight on the handle is only 4lbs. So it is easy on your wrist and light to steer around furniture. And the edge cleaner like no other. The C07's whiskers are angled out to reach down between the baseboard and the floor, flicking dust directly into the airflow.

Conventional tools can stick to carpets or curtains. This stops them from cleaning effectively and can make them hard work to use. The channels on the DCO7 tools direct the air down into the carpet pile. This has two main advantages: You pick up more because the directional force of the air agitates and dislodges dust. The airflow is continuous even when vacuuming curtains or upholstery, preventing them from becoming stuck to the tools.

Again the bin, you can always tell when it's full. It is easy to empty. You can retrieve lost objects easily.

Dyson's tough construction made from the strongest materials, used in the manufacture of crash helmets, cars and pipelines. This Animal is no wimp!

2 year limited household warranty which my AMEX gives me 3 years.

So now that I am an unpaid advertiser for a vacuum that was $30 more than its predecessor, I can clean, clean, clean with my big smile on my face, tho I have to fight my husband to use it, a FIRST!
Apr 6, 2004
12:22 am PDT

Good review
by nagels
I enjoyed your review and have been on the fence about this vacuum for over a year. If only it weren't so expensive!
Too bad it makes so much noise over the fringe.
Guess you could say this vacuum, although wonderful, has no fringe benefits.

Apr 2, 2004
6:01 am PST

Re: The "fringe" noise
by cathyjones
Glad to know I'm not the only one that reacts that way! Yes, it is the fringe.

Mar 7, 2004
8:05 pm PST

The "fringe" noise
by italyqt
I have this vacuum and there is a place in my carpet where it makes that ratcheting noise, that I am assuming is occurring on your fringe, and it scares me every time.
Mar 5, 2004
5:35 pm PST

Re: Hi
by cathyjones
I am definitely happy I got this. This initial price scared me, but I have not regretted it in the least! I still love it! Thanks for the comment!

Mar 1, 2004
7:39 pm PST

Re: You vacuum????!
by cathyjones
Ha Ha! Did you miss the part, I'm getting Lauren to do it :)!

Mar 1, 2004
7:38 pm PST

by desertmoon
I have FOUND my vacuum cleaner!!!!
Feb 29, 2004
7:03 pm PST

You vacuum????!
by KMINER, KMINER is an Advisor on Epinions in Home and Garden
WOW - I am impressed!! You'll need the "animal" with all the animals you have! :O)

Love, Kimm
Feb 20, 2004
3:30 pm PST