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Dyson DC25 Multi Floor - Yellow/Gray - Vacuum Cleaner

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Dyson DC25 Animal: Sucks up to Full Expectations!

Nov 28, 2012
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Pros:Cleans extremely well, washable dirt cup, long cord, easy maneuverability

Cons:Nothing significent

The Bottom Line: The Dyson DC25 does an excellent job on both hard surface and carpeted floors, pet hair vanishes along with anything lying there in its path.

Ever since vacuum cleaners were invented The Dragon has been searching for the perfect machine, capable of cleaning The Weyr quickly and thoroughly while able to hold up to rough handling. Over the years she has gone through an alarming number of flimsy vacuums, underpowered vacuums, and noisy vacuums.


Recently her bright red Dirt Devil bag-less canister cleaner stopped working. While it was not cheap it was not the most expensive machine either, about $170, brand new from Sears, a store we Dragons no longer patronize. So when it developed a short in the power-head connection, replacement seemed wiser than packing it off to the vacuum repair man.

In the past, upright vacuums have proved problematic at The Weyr. Uprights tend to be fine for carpeting but fall down badly on slate, tile, and hardwood floors. As the flooring surfaces in The Weyr consist entirely of these aforementioned substances, with a few Afghan tribal rugs for comfort, a new canister was first considered.
However, even with a DVR, it is hard to entirely eliminate all commercials from one's life. Dyson buys a lot of time on network television, we have seen at least five of their commercials...all touting the incredible wonderfulness of the Dyson Ball vacuum, its ease of use, its incredible cleaning ability, its deft hand at going from hard surfaces to carpeted ones. Perhaps it was worth a look. Dyson also makes a canister cleaner, so comparison of the two would be easy.


Shopping online is a wonderful innovation and one that Dragons most heartily approve of. We find that nearly all of our needs can be satisfied, even beyond our wildest dreams, with a few clicks and scrolls. With the maturity and ubiquity of PayPal, paying is simpler and faster than ever before, too.

The entire pantheon of Dyson vacuums available on eBay was summoned with the simply entry of a few search terms; new, re-conditioned, yellow, purple, red, upright and canister, and every model number were on display. A little sorting later and we were down to a few re-conditioned machines featuring free shipping. Bare seconds later, these select few were sorted by price and the least-expensive Buy-It-Now was chosen and purchased.


The newly reconditioned Dyson DC25 arrived is several pieces, neatly packed in a sturdy cardboard carton supplied by the Dyson factory. Assembly was exceedingly simple, no tools were required, and soon the moment of truth arrived, had we chosen wisely or would this vacuum soon be on its way back to the vendor?

A few words on the wisdom of New versus Reconditioned. Reconditioned items seem to abound in all appliance categories. Because we rather like the idea of recycling our first choice is almost always a FACTORY reconditioned item. They come with a limited warranty and if prove unsatisfactory, can be returned. It is also a less-expensive way to try out something new before committing to the more expensive item.


In a word, YES! Press the power button and simply depress the foot lever in the back, attached to the “trainer wheels” and the ball is released to quickly restore the brilliant colors of carpeted areas. But the best part of all is the simple transition from rug to bare floor. The Dyson never skips a beat, just keeps on sucking up the dirt, enough dirt to cause a bit of embarrassment in fact....

When exiting carpet, the brush automatically stops rotating, very handy this, and it prevents dirt from being scattered around. Where, in the past, it was necessary to use a broom to get loose soil from along the baseboards and under kick plates on bookcases, the Dyson does an exemplary job, saving the extra step and time.


The Dyson DC25 comes with a stair tool and combination duster/crevice tool. The dusting part pushes down to reveal the crevice tool. To access the hose, lift the gray cap on top of the handle and pull up the red wand attached to the large-diameter flexible hose/handle. The accessories attach at the end of the wand with an audible snap and remove by pressing on the easily seen release button.

The metal wand is rather narrow, constituting a bottleneck if you should happen to suck up something large and solid. Fortunately, you can unsnap the flexible hose from the handle, making it very easy to un-clog the wand. It would be nice if this wand were either articulated or a lot shorter. It is tricky to dust when close to something.

The flexible hose/wand/duster is long enough for a short Dragon to easily reach ceiling fan blades ten feet off the floor but getting into corners at twelve feet high required a ladder. Still, the defunct Red Devil could not even reach the fan blades, so this is a minor quibble.

More serious is that the flexible hose, itself, is very stiff and hard to stretch to its full extent. We are hopeful that this stiffness will ease in time with use.

There is another small problem with the wand/flexible hose and that concerns the spring-loaded cover. On numerous occasions this Dragon has had a talon or cuticle snagged when the cover snapped down viciously; use two hands when returning the wand to its storage position.


The Dyson DC25 has two convenient handles for easy grasping to lift and carry. The primary is part of the handle is for pushing/pulling and there is another handle on the dust canister. By grasping both, the vacuum is well-balanced and easy to carry up stairs.

Pushing under power is effortless, the Dyson DC25 glides easily across both carpet and bare floor, requiring very little effort. The easy maneuverability of the ball construction eliminates entirely dealing with small wheels becoming jammed into furniture, the 360-degree rotation makes working around a room effortless. However, it is not possible to get under a bed or sofa. The handle cannot go flat enough for this operation, due to the tubes and hoses on the back.


The Dyson DC25 has a generously-proportioned dirt cup. There is a line visible on the outside and one should try not to over-fill while cleaning. It is so simple to empty, there should be no need to cram in just a little more dirt. If over-full, the suction is affected, so you don't really save anything by pushing the envelope.

Remove the dirt cup by releasing it from the body of the vacuum and empty over an appropriate trash receptacle. There will be some dust when you do this, so outdoors, if possible, it ideal.
The WASHABLE filter is a dream come true and will save you considerable money over time. Dyson recommends washing the filter every three months. This is something that you should vary to suit your needs. If you have a lot of indoor pets or live in a rural area, you are going to have more dirt being tracked into your home than someone who lives in the middle of a large city, several floors above street level.

The rule of thumb for vacuuming is one day for every member of the household. If you have a family of four, you should reasonably vacuum 4 times a week. Add in cats, dogs, birds, and other assorted furred or feathered pets, and in no time at all, you are running the thing daily, even twice daily! This leaves little time for anything else unless you train some family members to vacuum...a simple harness arrangement can be devised so that teams of cats, dogs, or toddlers can manage to get at least the larger open areas.... When it comes to housework, always think outside the box.

Watch how dirty your filter becomes after a few weeks of regular use and clean accordingly. Frequent washing sure beats buying NEW filters at a hefty expense, sometimes topping $20! Follow the directions for washing and allow sufficient time for drying before use. Do not put your newly washed filter in the clothes dryer.


Vacuums come and vacuums go, in this Dragon's opinion, the Dyson DC25 is here to stay! Based on the performance of this relatively inexpensive, entry-level Dyson Ball vacuum, the top of the line should be as good or even better. For the palty sum of $269.00, delivered, from an eBay vendor, you could do a whole lot worse and spend more money into the bargain.

Dyson Ball Vacuums rule at The Weyr!

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 269.00

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