EA Sports TSX100-2VP Two Way Radio

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TriSquare TSX100 Review

Dec 17, 2008
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Pros:Good price considering the new technology.  Good range.

Cons:No major problems.

The Bottom Line: Great consumer radios.  Beats FRS/GMRS for personal communications.

With the amazing success of the TSX300, I decided to get some TSX100 units as a cheaper, more expendable unit for the kids.

These radios use Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) which quickly alternates frequencies, allowing for more channels, as well as prevents monitoring by scanners.  This allows for VERY secure communications.

These radios have 1000 channels, which prevent interference from other users.  No annoying kids with call tones, and deliberate jamming like you will see with FRS/GMRS units.

You can store 10 channels for easy recall later.  With 1000 possible combinations, this is helpful.

Detailed Performance Evaluation:

Ease of operation: Functions were immediately easy to understand.

Sound quality: Quality of sound is excellent. Volume levels are good in all but the noisiest environments.

Use of XLT series microphones and accessories are fully compatible and perform well. I assume all Motorola GMRS accessories will also work.

Operational range:

Home to vehicle: .5 miles
Person to person outdoors: 1.25 miles
Vehicle to person (person outdoors): 1.25 miles
Vehicle to vehicle: 1/2 mile

Under my test conditions, these radios performed virtually identical to FRS/GMRS radios I have reviewed on this site.

The radios performed well in the house, outdoors, and at a hotel where we stayed.  The made it from the room to the lobby, which was a good distance indoors.

Once radios got out of range, they would lose track of one another. Communications became
lost. Once in range, the radios re-acquired one another and communications resumed. I found this
process to occur rather quickly.

Operational Issues:

Sometimes the radios become "confused". This problem occurred rarely, and only when the radios were either too close to one another, or too far, close to maximum range. After a few seconds they re-synched. This is considered a minor issue and shouldn't present a problem in most cases.

(Note:  This is NOT a design flaw.  This is typical of all FHSS radios, regardless of brand)

These radios will interfere with 900 Mhz cordless phones, baby monitors and other 900 Mhz devices at VERY close range. Interference seems to not be a factor at distances of 10 feet or more. This is not a frequency interference issue. Many higher power RF emitting devices can interfere with other devices on the same band.

There is no interference with 802.11 B wireless networks.

Battery life exceeded 5 hours on AA alkalines.
With the supplied battery packs, life exceeded 8 hours. The supplied packs provide 4.8 volts, which exceed 4.5 volts on alkalines and provide a more stable voltage curve.

The average home can use these with great ease. You will have excellent coverage and flexibility within your property, and your neighborhood. These radios are fully comparable with FRS/GMRS radios in range.

Assests of these radios:

1: Stores commonly used channels for easy recall.
2: good volume and sound quality.
3: Reliable communications within operational range.
4: Advanced radios, yet very easy to operate.
5: good look and feel with well laid out controls and menus.
6: Zero interference from other radios due to channel combinations.
7: Secure communications, impossible to monitor on a scanner.

Final thoughts:

Good application of first generation technology. While there were some bugs, I enjoyed my experience with these radios and can see myself using them extensively.

Understanding digital technology and how it works helps explain some of the delay issues and loss of synch. If you are in range, you will never see this happen. Essentially, it is the same as any other radio going out of range. My tests entailed very rapid switching of functions... something most people will never do, when in a real world environment.

Communications security and freedom from interference are great assets.
I'd buy these radios and recommend them to friends.

I give them a 9 out of 10.

If this technology takes off, then it is likely that FRS/GMRS radios will become obsolete.

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