Echo 465 CFM Gas Backpack Blower 195 mph  (PB500H) Reviews
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Echo 465 CFM Gas Backpack Blower 195 mph (PB500H)

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Echo PB-500-HC Backpack blower will finish a dirty job easily

Sep 5, 2010 (Updated Sep 5, 2010)
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Pros:This backpack blower will get the job done.

Cons:The clamps wear out at a slow rate.

The Bottom Line:

This backpack blower is great for any season whether it be dirt, leaves, snow.

ECHO Gas, Blower, 162 MPH/450 CFM, Blower, PB-500HC

With the mowers on the trailer and your helper finishing weed whacking the flowerbeds or sidewalk it's time clean-up and head to your next yard. The final task is about to start pulling out my Echo PB-500Hc Blower. This blower is commercially made for tough jobs. From blowing off sidewalks, to a property full of leaves. I've used both this model and my RedMaxx EZB8050 to blow snow in the winter. It can be up to 3 inches and just to blow the light flakes away.

The main specifics about this blower are easy. The motor on the back is a 50.8 cc air infusion vortex engine, in which it carries a CFM rate at 450 with the blow rate at maximum speed of 162 miles per hour. With your left hand arm bar you can adjust the output from hard  blowing sidewalks or soft air that blows leaves out of your mulch. This blower has a db @ 70 to save your hearing, wear protection.

 To start this blower put the choke on low and press the gas bubble 5 times and just hold the machine in one hand and pull the chord with the other. 80 percent of the time it starts by the 3rd to 5th pull. Putting it on your back is very easy, the two straps that go over your shoulders are wide and padded. They are adjustable to adapt. The buckles to do that are on the bottoms of the straps. It weighs 23 pounds, but once it's on your back the machine becomes balanced. Some back injuries have occured from my experience when you pick up the machine from the ground and just it swing around to your back. The best way to put this machine on is having it almost level with you say on the lip of your truck's back gate or anywhere that is almost back level so you can put your arms in the straps and slowly place it on your back   I wear mine all day when blowing big properties with leaves. Putting it on and taking it off has become a art.

 The fuel tank is 61 ounces with a gas/oil mix ratio to 50 to1 this will give you a hour maybe more depending on how hard you are blowing. The rocker arm on the left controls the speed and your kill switch is there when finished. The 2 1/2 foot rubber funnel tube comes from the vortex tunnel and there is your 3 foot black plastic nozzle for which blows to air from 5 mph to 162 mph. The nozzle can be interchangeable with different nozzle tips, but are sold separately Three quarters of the way up is your tube grip. At first it will intimidate you a bit because of the power air it unleashes, but every time you wear it, it's a new lesson learned. This machine is also Compliant for residents in California

The body is made out of resistant impact plastic. It can handle some bouncing around.This Echo PB-500Hc Blower comes with a excellent 5 year consumer/residential warranty or if commercial it's only a 2 year warranty. I've have had to get parts with this blower and calling their customer service was a pleasant experience. They ship my parts that I
needed second day United Parcel Service ( UPS ) so make sure you register your machine as soon as you buy it to cover the warranty. All total I have 6 blowers 4 that are backpacked and 2 that hand gripped. But I can say reliability and customer service are very important to me and that why I chose Echo for my workload.

With leaf season coming up, this blower is excellent for getting on that roof and cleaning those leaf-full gutters !!!

Thanks for reading !!!

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