Electrolux EW36CC55G Black 36.75 in. Electric Induction Cooktop Reviews
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Electrolux EW36CC55G Black 36.75 in. Electric Induction Cooktop

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Fabulous, just fabulous!

Jan 10, 2010
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Pros:Tremendous control


The Bottom Line: Digital cooking is really pleasurable.  The unit is really modern looking and cooking is really easy to do on it.  Regulating the temperature is a dream come true.

I recently remodeled my kitchen. I installed the Electrolux 37" Hybrid cooktop.  It has two induction burners and 3 radiant burners.  I cook for large parties; I have two parties a year.  I cater for my husband's company parties, the company's Summer Picnic Bash is 80 -120 people and the annual Christmas Party 38 - 42 people a formal affair.  My husband is from India, I am American.  I read cookbooks like I do novels, I have learned to cook Indian food in India extensively and have been cooking it for over 35 years.  And give cooking lessons for Indian cooking to Indians.

At the summer party I serve no less than 16 main dishes, which does not include all the little extra dishes that I do on the fly, some of them are Asian Indian dishes that require a lot of frying.  I actually have a little cooking show going on the whole time while the party goes on.  People crowd around the island and watch while I spew out exotic dishes from all over the world. I have three people for kitchen help who serve and clean up as is needed.  The summer party is two rounds of food, lunch and dinner as the party starts at 1 pm in the afternoon and ends at 2 am.  They stay all day because we have 3 different bands with live entertainment.  I create dishes from all over the world, and I cook the very best quality foods that I can find.  I stop at nothing...I prepare the greasiest and spiciest, the hottest and the most forbidden foods that any human being can consume. The stove on that day gets a good work out with an endless, and I mean endless stream of new dishes to fill any empty places on the table.  I cook everything myself on the inside kitchen.  There is another set up kitchen outside where another gourmet Chef, who owns a 3 star restaurant in Philadelphia cooks New Orleans style foods, and who also has three servers who  serve up finger food and Margaritas all day in front of the endless stream of live entertainers.

OK. Here we go.  The induction burners are indispensible. If you think of how many things you cook that have liquid, sauces, boiling water, blanching veggies, heating soups and so on.  Having the induction burners will reduce heating and cooking time to just a fraction of the time.  If you do not have an induction unit now you can buy one and plug it next to your current stove.  I do not like to use the induction for frying very much, when I am switching out pots from one dish to another the digital system becomes a little confused.  I use the radiant side for frying and what I call ‘crazy cooking'. 

When I make spaghetti sauce or if I want to fry garlic in a pot by tilting the put to float the whole garlics to brown before putting tomatoes in I use the radiant.  You cannot do this with the induction because as soon as you tilt the put, the burner would stop working because very little metal is in contact with the stove. So the induction will not work for that.  When you say...are making hard boiled eggs, it is better to use the radiant element because the water has to come up from cold slowly or naturally heat.  If you use the induction the water boils too fast and it's hard to time the eggs.  I know, I know...I'll catch hell for that one!  Some ‘All Induction' freak will say something.  But there is something about the feel of the radiant that makes me feel like I'm cooking artistically the induction is a tool that I use to push the liquids through faster, if that makes any sense.

The burners are digital and they all cook evenly.  I am always amazed at how wonderful this stove is each and every time that I use it. All of the burners are very powerful and I have to say that I love every single inch of it and if I had to buy it again I certainly would in a heartbeat.

I purchased my induction pots from Costco for around $150, they are well worth the price.  I've had this set for over two years.  I usually burn through a set of pots in two years, even the ones with a live time guarantee.  I can see myself using these for many years to come. 

I heard that manufacturers may be discontinuing the hybrid cooktops.  That is a shame.  So here...if I had to make a choice between induction or radiant, I would choose the induction.  I am from the old school.  If I had only the induction stove to work with, I could learn how to use it.  So if you have to choose one or the other get the induction.

One more thought before I jump off here.  I suggest that you purchase from a local dealer.  When these guys work there is nothing in the world like it.  This is definitely something that I would not purchase on line and have mailed to me.  The local dealer prices are the same as the on line prices.  My dealer did not even know that this unit existed, he did not know what it was either, all you have to do is ask them to get it.

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Amount Paid (US$): $1900

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