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Easy Spirit Motion Oxfords Shoes for Women

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It's Easy Walking in the Easy Spirit Motion

Feb 22, 2006 (Updated Jan 6, 2010)
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Pros:leather, comfortable shoes, durable, low heel, lots of color and size choices

Cons:not cutting edge fashion, lace-up (no velcro here)

The Bottom Line: These Easy Spirit shoes keep me in motion whether in the office or outdoors.  They have new color/material choices, too.  Review updated 1-6-2010.

I bet there are a lot of people like me who have problems finding comfortable shoes. My feet let me know when they are unhappy, so I do my best to keep them in comfort. One of my more comfy shoes is the Easy Spirit Motion.


This is not a pretty shoe. If you are out for fashion, then skip this piece of footware and head down another review aisle. As a matter of fact, as my niece so delicately put it, “Aunt Dawn, why are you wearing old lady shoes?” Maybe I should have chosen a color other than black.

The Easy Spirit Motion is a cross between a walking shoe and an oxford-style shoe. It laces up like a sneaker, only the shoe is not bulky like many sneakers. It is lightweight. The upper is constructed from full-grain leather and has a padded collar where the upper edge of the shoe meets the foot. The padded collar stands out a bit from the side of the shoe, lending the shoe a bit of dimension. Also padded is the shoe tongue. For a bit of decoration, a small metal disk is positioned toward the front of the upper on the outside of each shoe.

Inside the shoe is a tricot mesh lining (Dri-lex). This lining is designed to keep moisture away from the foot. The inner sole contours to the foot, while the bottom of the shoe is constructed from durable rubber to help with traction. These shoes have a low 3/4" heel that is beveled with extra cushioning for added shock absorption.

The shoes lace through five eyelets on either side of the upper. The laces are the same color as the shoe and resemble a round cord.

This shoe style comes in an array of colors. My local Easy Spirit store only carries four of the colors: black, navy, wheat, and white. However, during my online shopping tours, I have found these shoes in: a textured-crocodile black or dark brown leather, red, light pink, light blue, bronze, silver, gold ... and even kiwi green.

In case leather is not your choice of material, the Easy Spirit Motion also comes in Nubuck leather. If you have never seen Nubuck, it is soft to the touch and has a suede-like appearance. These are the Nubuck colors: black, light grey, navy, sand, and dark brown.

Sizing is extensive, too – size 5 through size 12. They come in widths from narrow to double wide. Note that size 5 and size 12 are not available in all widths. This shoe even comes in half sizes (5 1/2 through 9 1/2).

My Experiences

I’ll say it right off. These shoes are comfortable. I love them and would buy another pair in a second.

I wore these shoes into the ground. The latest pair was over six years old when I gave them a trash burial with honors. Those shoes went everywhere ... to work, on walks, on vacation. They met carpet, wood, cobblestones, cement, tile, grass, dirt, sand, stone walls and gravel.

These shoes are comfortable. I had no problem standing in them or taking long walks. The insoles fit my foot well, too. One problem I usually have with shoes is that the toe area is too narrow. Not with these shoes. The toe area is roomy. The padded collar around the foot adds an extra comfort cushion, too.

I prefer a shoe with a low heel. Years ago I had hamstring problems from wearing high heeled shoes. The physical therapist sternly lectured me on the perils of wearing high heels and recommended that I wear low-heeled shoes. The heels on these shoes are only 3/4" at their deepest. Inside the heel cavity is Shockfoam for added shock absorption. And it works. I have no complaints.

During my over six years of wearing these shoes, the bottom sole never wore out. The rubber gripped most surfaces well, and the rubber offered flexibility. I can remember a few instances where I slipped a bit on the glossy flooring inside stores ... but everywhere else the shoes offered excellent traction.

They handled weather, well, too. Whether I tromped through snow, slush or dodged the rain, these shoes did not mind the elements. They always dried well when left to air dry. (I never exposed them to a heat source.) Cleaning is also a snap. I just dampened a paper towel and wiped the shoes down.

The material on the inside of the shoe is designed to wick moisture away from the foot. I have never had sweaty feet in these shoes. However, the shoes are not waterproof. They will become wet if submerged in puddles.

Of course, something had to give with the constant wear I gave these shoes. The leather finish began to show light scuff marks. I noticed the marks mostly around the toe area because of the way I sit and position my feet. The biggest problem was that the tricot lining in the toe area began to wear and eventually formed a hole that aggravated my little toe. The shoe laces lasted forever, though. Those shoes went into the trash with their original laces.

Update -- January 6, 2010

I bought another pair of these Motion style shoes.  This time I chose the black "croc" look.  I wasn't sure if the material would look cheap or classy ... but I'm pleased with their appearance.  These are shoes I can wear to slightly dress up an outfit without resorting to heels.


I buy my Easy Spirit Motion shoes at Easy Spirit. They cost $59.99, and if I am lucky, I can buy them for a few dollars less on sale. I have also seen these shoes for sale in many online stores. It’s unusual to see these shoes for much less than $49.99 on sale.


As I said earlier, I love these Easy Spirit Motion shoes. They are comfortable, fit my foot well, and last a long time. They can easily move from the office to other more relaxing pursuits such as an outdoor walk or a trek through the mall. They are versatile and easy to care for. Even if my niece does think these are old lady shoes ... sometimes a person has to forsake the cutting edge of fashion for shoes that let the body breathe.

I hope you have found this review useful.

Enjoy your day,

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