Ecotrin 325 mg Regular Strength Tablets - Aspirin Regimen

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Aug 22, 2005 (Updated Aug 22, 2005)
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Pros:Does not cause stomach irritation

Cons:A little more expensive but worth it.

The Bottom Line: Ecotrin's safety coating is superior to others. If you take aspirin regularly and experience stomach irritation, try Ecotrin.

When I was informed that I had Unstable Angina, I was scared to death. I’m a very young-at-heart (no pun intended), 48-year-old who thought I was indestructible. It never occurred to me that heart disease is also genetic. My father died at the tender age of 50 from the same disease. So when I started getting pain in my shoulder, I thought I had slept in a weird position or something. When it wouldn’t go away, I lumbered down to the doctor’s office only to be informed that I had arthritis. What a relief, until later that night when the pain became unbearable and I was loaded into an ambulance tout suite and taken to the hospital.

A week later, I had had two stents placed in my right coronary artery to widen it and was told that I’d had two spots where my artery had narrowed and blood was barely getting through. Okay, I’m a trooper. After the initial shock, it was like, Okay what now?

Medications, that’s what….blood thinners, cholesterol, platelets, angina pain, hypertension and sleeping tablets. I could have bought the pharmacy with the amount I was paying for these drugs. I had fifteen different prescriptions. I hate taking medicines unless absolutely necessary. I knew I was being over-medicated So, my cardiologist and I got together and really scrutinized my condition and what particular medicines I actually need need. Asprin was one of the medications he suggested as a blood thinner.

Now, I have a problem with aspirin. It really irritates my stomach. In the past, I had avoided it by taking non-aspirin pain relievers but now, I HAD to take it. Now, my doctor knew this, he recommended Ecotrin Regular Strength 325mg just once a day.

Ecotrin’s Claim:

For daily heart health, trust the aspirin cardiologists prefer. Choose Always Safety-Coated EcotrinŽ.
Aspirin therapy can be recommended by doctors and cardiologists as part of a heart healthy lifestyle. If you're taking aspirin, then you need to know about Ecotrin, the #1 Cardiologist Recommended Aspirin Because It's Safe*.

Ecotrin is also the aspirin used most often by cardiologists themselves for the prevention of heart disease and heart attack.
Ecotrin is the only aspirin brand that offers a complete line of safety-coated strengths — Low Strength 81 mg, Regular Strength 325 mg and Maximum Strength 500 mg. The various strengths of safety-coated Ecotrin allow doctors flexibility to recommend the right dosage per patient. Since only Ecotrin is always safety-coated, it's safer for everyday use because it offers the benefit of stomach protection.

Doctors usually prescribe Low Strength or Regular Strength Ecotrin daily aspirin therapy for heart health.

Higher dosages are usually needed to relieve the pain and inflammation of arthritis. Consult your doctor to see what strength of Ecotrin you should use.

Aspirin therapy is not appropriate for everyone, so be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin therapy regimen.

My Experience:

I have been taking Ecotrin Regular Strength for three months now on a daily basis. I am so pleased with the results. I was surprised that my stomach was not irritated at all, especially since I take one first thing in the morning. They are rather large and round but are easy to swallow. After having several blood tests, Ecotrin, together with a hypertension pill and Plavix, the miracle drug that keeps your platelets in line, I am doing really well. Small blockages in the trees of my arteries are disappearing and I might be back to normal sooner than I thought.


With my health, I don’t have a choice. I must take aspirin to survive. Ecotrin has made that possible for me without experiencing the most common side effect of stomach irritation, for which I will be eternally grateful. I know that I can count on Ecotrin to also thin my blood and help improve my Angina problem. If you must take aspirin on a regular basis and have found it to cause stomach irritation, try Ecotrin. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you for reading.

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