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EggGenie Egg Genie Electric Egg Cooker

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EggGenie is an easy way to hard boil eggs.

Dec 9, 2010
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Pros:cuts cook time in half, easy to use, easy to clean

Cons:a little pricey,

The Bottom Line:

The EggGenie is a small kitchen gadget that is worth owning.

The EggGenie is one of those items you see on television for a lot of money and then later buy it in a retail store cheaper. You can buy this little unit for about $19.99 in most retail stores. However, you can get it on sale as for a little less.

There are five pieces in this little box. It is easy to put them all together. Start with the base which has an aluminum plate. The second and third tray are for eggs, and the other is a poaching tray. The next piece is a clear lid. The last piece in the box is a measuring cup.

With this little egg genie you can hard boil up to seven eggs, soft boiled and you can poach up to four eggs.

The measuring cup is very important to operate this little gadget. You will put as much water in the cup to do the job you want. One side has hard boiled on it. Then when you pick how many eggs you want to cook, fill the cup to that mark. You can fill it to the one egg, two, three, four, five, six or seven eggs. The other side of the cup is for eggs cooked medium. The notches indicate the level of water needed for the number of eggs you want to cook. To my surprise there is a third side to this measuring cup. That side is labeled soft boiled. Again you choose how many eggs and fill the water level up to that number

The genie could not be simpler to use. Choose the egg tray or poach try. Place it on the base. Poaching eggs you just open the egg and pour it in the tray. You can also choose the egg tray and load it with up to seven eggs. Place either of these trays on the base. If you are doing hard boiled don't forget to pierce the egg before putting in the tray. Take the measuring cup and fill to the level you need. Put the water in the base. Last step is to put the lid on and plug the genie in. The steam will come out of a small opening in the top of the lid. Stay clear of this as it will be hot. The machine will give off a ding when the eggs are done. Carefully take off lid and let cool. You can also unplug the unit from the wall.

Cleaning is very easy too. Make sure the machine is unplugged before trying to clean. Wash only the clear plastic lid and the egg tray with soap and water. Take care you do not hurt yourself on the steel pin used to puncture the eggs. When cleaning the base use a rage to wipe it down. Do not get the base wet.  If there is any mineral build up on the base you can use about one or two tablespoons of white vinegar and wipe it clean. When you are done using the machine just put it back in the box until you need again.

Make sure you read all the cautions and warnings before you use this little machine. There is also a small booklet that tells you how to use the egg genie as well as a few recipes.

My Opinion:

I found the egg genie very easy to use and clean up after. The only problem I ran into is the timing. It seems that you can either get hard boiled or poached. I like what is called soft boiled. This egg is cooked on the outside and the middle is left nice and yellow. Easy to dip a slice of toast in. It will take a few times before you actually get the amount of water and timing down just right. I have to say it is worth it when you do. This little machine cuts cook time down by more than half, and when you are cooking for three people it helps.

I would recommend the egg genie for all cooks to have in their kitchens. It will make breakfast time faster and more enjoyable. Spend less time cooking and more time with family.

This is the first as seen on television item that I actually like.

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