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Kidco Electrical Outlet Caps 12 Pack (45458)

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Apr 14, 2009
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Pros:Small, simple, doesn't attract attention.

Cons:Plastic, easily broken if left out and stepped on.

The Bottom Line: Great for keeping little kids from playing with the outlets.

My Experience
These Kidco 12 Pk. Electrical Outlet Caps have been used by my mother for years. My mom use to run a home DayCare in our house and was required to have the outlets in our home covered so that the children that my mother babysat wouldn't get electriculted or anything of the sort. These Kidco 12 Pk. Electrical Outlet Caps seemed to be rather inconvinent for my mother, yet useful since the Kidco 12 Pk. Electrical Outlet Caps did their job.

These Kidco 12 Pk. Electrical Outlet Caps are all made out of plastic. They are good for sticking into outlets, but if they were to ever get left on the floor and stepped on they break very easily. Once broken they are pretty much worthless. Gluing them back together is not the best idea...for one, the glue will hold the Electrical Outlet Caps back together, but once they are put into an outlet and you try to pull them out the half of it is still in the outlet. The best thing to do if stepped on is to just throw it away.

Most Electrical Outlet Caps do not really come in different colors. Most of them are just that plastic white color, though I did see some once that were that natural color.

The Kidco 12 Pk. Electrical Outlet Caps are quite effective in keeping those little children's finger out of the sockets during their baby stage and toddler lives. But once the child reacts about the age of 4 they start to catch on to what's going on around them and start experimenting and soon come to figure out how the Electrical Outlet Caps work and soon become experts in the feild of pulling them out of all the outlets in the house.


The Kidco 12 Pk. Electrical Outlet Caps are the size of a normal outlet. They cover the area of the plug, nothing more. They are very simple in appearance. The Kidco 12 Pk. Electrical Outlet Caps do not attract the attention of any visitors. They are very simple, blending in with the outlet as much as physically posible when it comes to plastic.

The Kidco 12 Pk. Electrical Outlet Caps are very smooth. They pretty much have no texture to them whatsoever, making it easy to pull them in and out as needed and not hurting yourself on any rough surface.

Price ranges from $2.99 to $4.80 depending upon where you buy them on the internet, but I have found the at walmart for less than $2, somewhere around $1.75.


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