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Jan 3, 2011
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Pros:counts coins, accurate, durable, remembers total

Cons:requires batteries

The Bottom Line:

If you are looking for a bank that counts money for you, we would recommend the Emerson Counting Coin Bank.

We have always been ones to put our change in a jar to save money for vacations. My oldest son got me the Emerson Counting Coin Bank for my birthday last year because he thought I would enjoy knowing how much I have saved before going to the bank to put it in the machine to count it.

The Emerson Coin Bank is a plastic see through large capacity money jar with a removable lid. The lid is gray and has a slot in it for you to place your coins. There is also a LCD screen that counts your money and shows you how much you have in your money jar. The coin bank takes all US coins including pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollar coins. The coin bank does require two AAA batteries that are not included.

To use the Emerson Coin Bank is easy. You place the batteries in the unit and hit the reset button on the cap to zero out the LCD screen. You then screw the lid on and start placing your coins in the slot. It will count and add to your total with each coin you place in the bank. The LCD screen does have a sleep function that will sleep until you place more coins in it. So you can wait a week and place more coins in the bank and it will add to the total that is already in the bank.

We have not had any issues with it not recognizing any coins and it seems to keep an accurate total. I have cashed our coins in about three times since owning it and the total has always been the same as it is when I put it through the sorter at the bank.

I know if I want the coin bank to count my money I need to place it in the slot one at a time but for me that can get annoying. I always liked throwing all my money into the jar at one time. It is more time consuming to place each coin in individually but it is nice to see how much you have in the bank at any given time.

Once you remove the money, there is a reset button so that you can start all over. If you are one that takes money out of your bank before it is full and ready to be reset, this could be a problem with using this bank. If you take out a handful of change you will either need to reset and put all the money back in the bank or just know that the count in the bank is not correct. We don’t have any issues with this because our banks are hands off. Once the money is in, it stays in until it is full and we take it to the bank.

It does surprise me with how much money the bank does hold. Of course this depends on what type of coins you put in the bank but each time we have emptied it we have gotten between two hundred and three hundred dollars. We put all types of coins in our coin bank. I empty my wallet once a week and whatever change I have goes into the bank. My husband does the same thing, other then it’s what’s in his pants pockets. Our boys will also add their coins if they get any. Any coins I find in the wash or on the floor when I am cleaning go into the bank too. Any money lying around is fair game.

We have found the Emerson Coin Bank to be sturdy and durable. We have not had issues with the bank. We keep the bank on my husband’s dresser so that everyone has access to it.

Since my oldest son got this for me as a gift I am not sure what he paid for it. I do know that he purchased it at Boscov’s. I have seen the Emerson Coin Bank in stores and online for around twenty dollars.

The Emerson Coin Bank can also be educational. It could help a child learn what different coins are worth and with adding money.

We have had the Emerson Coin Bank for a little over a year and we still have not had to change the batteries. So the unit does not seem to be hard on batteries.

If you are looking for a bank that counts money for you, we would recommend the Emerson Counting Coin Bank.

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