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Jan 1, 2008 (Updated Jul 6, 2009)
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Pros:personal size holds eight standard-size wine bottles, removable chrome racks, easy to clean

Cons:will not hold oversize bottles, uses a lot of counter space -- short life!

The Bottom Line: This was a very thoughtful gift. There are some things to consider before buying it, though, including how long it will last. (Review updated July, 2009)

The Emerson Wine Cooler was a gift. The cooler is sharp looking in either red & black or a stainless steel color & black. The red trim has an edgier look, while the stainless steel trim has cleaner, sleek appearance. Also, the "stainless steel" is not real metal; it is plastic that cleverly mimics the appearance of stainless steel.

What's In the Box

* The Wine Cooler (assembled)
* Two removable chrome wine racks (they come inside cooler)
* One fan filter (already connected on back of cooler)
* Owner's Manual (9 pages)

The wine cooler comes very well packaged in a sturdy cardboard box. It has Styrofoam edging all around it. Once the Styrofoam is removed, the cooler is wrapped in a large clear plastic "envelope".

Placement of the wine cooler

This wine cooler is deep and requires a large chunk of real estate. It measures 16.1" x 10.8" x 20.6". The cooler is residing on a kitchen counter with air ventilation around it. The air filter is at the back of the unit, so the cooler cannot be placed against the wall.

The instructions state to place the wine cooler on a flat surface that is strong enough to support the cooler when it is loaded with eight bottles of wine. You are supposed to allow five inches of space on the rear of the cooler and along both sides for proper ventilation. This is a free-standing wine cooler, meaning that it is not meant for a built-in cabinet.

Control Panel

The control panel is located on the horizontal handle that is across the cooler's front tempered-glass door. I like the way the controls are arranged. At the left is a LCD screen that displays the temperature in Fahrenheit. To the right of this are three control buttons. From these you can increase or decrease the temperature in increments of 1-degree F. You can also turn the interior light on or off.

The Temperature Gauge

The LCD display is a blue background, and the numbers are easy to see against it. When the door is open and closed, the LCD display does not automatically turn on. The background light on the LCD display will turn on when any of the three control buttons are pressed and will turn off one minute after the last button was pressed. When the display times out, it fades from blue to white-blue and then to black so that the temperature is not visible.

Setting & Maintaining the Temperature

The temperature is easy to set and adjust if needed. All you have to do is press the up or down arrow keys on the control bar located on the cooler's handle. We set the cooler at 54-degrees F, which is a good temperature for both white and red wine.

The LCD display shows the temperature that is the actual interior temperature inside the cooler.

Here is the recommended temperature for chilling wine (from the Owner's Manual):

Red Wines: 54-64 degrees F.
Port/Sherry: 50-57 degrees F.
White/Rose Wines: 46-54 degrees F.

The Interior Light

I'm not impressed with the interior light of this cooler. The LED light is centered in the top of the cooler. A button on the control bar turns the light on and off. However, we find the light ineffective. It gives off a dim light that does not illuminate the interior of the cooler. If I had to describe the light, I would term it "mood lighting". The light has a bluish tinge to it.

When looking into the cooler with the light on, it is incredibly difficult to see the cooler's contents. There is little difference between having the light off or on.

The Wine Inside the Cooler

This cooler works well and holds eight bottles of wine (four bottles on each rack). However, it does not hold all size wine bottles. We like that the two metal chrome racks can be removed. Also, the racks are scooped in a wave fashion at the back to accommodate the body of the wine bottles, and the wire at the front of the rack is straight. Standard size wine bottles sit well inside the cooler, almost an exact fit. A bottle of champagne is currently in the cooler, and there is barely enough room for it. There is also a bottle of sparkling cranberry-orange drink for those not interested in alcohol or not old enough to drink. The top rack offers a hair more room along the top than the bottom rack. Any wine bottle that is larger than a standard size will have problems fitting inside this cooler.

The temperature remains constant except when the door is opened or closed. When the door is opened and closed, the temperature only drops one or two degrees. Also, this is a quiet cooler. Other appliances emit much more noise than this does.

Cleaning & Maintenance

The instructions recommend unplugging the wine cooler before cleaning it. Wash the inside of the cooler with warm water and a baking soda solution (2 tablespoons of baking soda to one quarter of water). The chrome racks can be washed with a mild detergent solution. The outside can also be cleaned with a mild detergent solution. Clean all parts with a clean dry cloth before re-plugging the cooler.

The Owner's Manual specifically says to be careful using cleaning products other than what is suggested. According to the manufacturer, never spray or squirt any type of liquid into the cooler.

The filter can also be cleaned. A vacuum cleaner can be used to clean the outside fan filter. The instructions state that compressed air in a container can also be used.


This wine cooler was a gift. However, I see that it sells for about $100 online.

Summary -- Updated July 6, 2009

The Emerson Wine Cooler was a very thoughtful gift.  However, the refrigeration unit recently died.  The motor kept running, but there was no cool air.  While it lived, this cooler consumed a huge chunk of counter space. I would have perferred the counter for food preparation or other storage. As you can tell, I had mixed feelings about the style of this cooler ... and now it died.  (Originally I gave this product three stars.  For such a short life, I have demoted it to one star.)

I hope you found this review useful.

Enjoy the day,


Holds: 8 bottles of wine
Volume (liter) – 23L (0.8 cu ft.)
Unit Dimensions – 16.1" x 10.8" x 20.6"
Gift Box Dimensions – 18.1" x 12.8" x 20.6"
Power Consumption – 0.8 (@59-degrees F.
Maximum Temperature Variance (between ambient and cooler) – 66-degrees F.
Temperature Control Range – 44-degrees F – 66-degrees F.
Rated Voltage – AC 120V
Rated Frequency – 60HZ
Input Power – 70W

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