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Empire Brands Clone A Pussy, Molding Kit

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I Sleep Soundly Knowing That My Bits & Pieces Have A Stunt Double

Jan 25, 2008 (Updated May 19, 2008)
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Pros:Easy to follow instructions, lifelike replica, available in several skin tones.

Cons:Not a fully functional item, expensive.

The Bottom Line: Not as impressive as the male version but a fun way to kill off a few hours nonetheless.

Disclaimer: This is a review of an adult product. If you object to such content please do not read this review. It contains adult topics, sexual situations and a frank discussion of the product listed.

What possesses someone to make a synthetic version of their genitals? In this case it was a dare. I am sure that if I were under doctors supervision or in the care of a psychologist he or she would have a field day asking me questions about my childhood, sexual preferences and what not. I don't care to dwell on the thought that some twenty five feet from my office there is a synthetic mold of my privates. It's not like it's a voodoo doll or something but I now have a first hand perspective as to what Tommy felt like when he used the male version of this kit to make a Mini Me of his peepee. Granted, there are a lot more things that you can do with his 'clone a bone' than you do with the female version but on the flip side, the female mold can be used over and over again.

Empire Laboratories Clone A Vagina Kit
Please note, the actual name of the product is different , please look at the product listing to see the exact title. The content filter prohibits the use of the "P" word in the body of reviews but it doesn't seem to have a problem with the actual listing of it in the database

How is this different from the Make Your Own Dil*do Kit? First off this isn't a 'working model'. Simply put, it's a molding or casting of the top part of the female genitalia and does not include the vagina. If you are looking for a "Pocket Rocket" molded from your lovers wares, good luck because those types of kits do not exist in the public market. To have something like that made is going to cost thousands of dollars but on the other hand, it will be a one of a kind type of thing. Rumor has it Pamela Anderson had one made for her beloved Tommy Lee. At this point in time I am speechless because there are so many comments I could make about that whole scene that it isn't even funny.

When I got the above mentioned molding kit to 'clone a bone' I wasn't expecting the show to end up on the other foot. After it was all said and done, Tommy went out and bought one of these kits, wrapped it in some silver paper and left it on the edge of my bathtub. The note read, "Let's see who has the balls now". Not being one to back down from a challenge I ripped open the plastic and started reading the instructions. This is extremely similar to the male kit that allows you t make a casting and synthetic version of the penis and testicles [testes are optional]. The biggest difference is that the male version is a working model, the female version is, well, I won't say it can't be used but if I were a guy, the thrill level of that would last about ten seconds.

It is an extremely easy kit to use and if you are making this with your significant other, it can be a lot of fun. We did two kits, the first one didn't turn out all that good because someone had the bright idea to cast the mold with body piercings in place instead of removing them first. It was not painful to have the piercings in when making the mold so if you are pierced in the southern region make sure you give it a few extra minutes to set before you remove it. That was the mistake that we made; we pulled it off without realizing that the pierced areas needed a little extra time to set up. It didn't look bad but it wasn't an exact copy.

The instructions are easy to follow. Everything that you need to make your own casting of your privates is included in the kit. Instead of there being a sleeve there is a cup; it looks a lot like a jock strap so don't laugh when you bust open the kit and see it. There are two compounds to mix; the first one makes the reverse casting of the genitalia and the second is poured into it to make the copy. The first mix take about 45 seconds to combine in the provided mixing bowl; pour that into the cup and press firmly but gently against the pubic region. The instructions clearly state that this should not be inserted into the vaginal cavity as it is not meant for an internal casting. This needs about three minutes to set up before it is removed; it take a little longer than the male version because of the natural lubricants of the area and the nooks and crannies that it works its way in to. You can wash and dry the area first if you want but it isn't necessary.

When you remove the casting it is wise to make sure that the area is free of any left behind bits. I didn't have any issues with that but it is common sense to check just to be on the safe side. Once you have the mold removed you will see a reverse casting of your pubic region. It was a little strange to see it in that form; I gave Tommy a rather strange look but he was transfixed on it. "Wow, this is f*cking cool", basically the same reaction to when he saw his own privates in a cloned fashion. We mixed the second packet and poured it into the mold and waited for it to cure over night. The next morning it was removed from the mold [it basically pops out, there is no need to crack the mold open] and I was rather startled. I have seen my vagina so its not like it was a huge shock but to see it, well, in the palm of someone else's hand was a little unnerving.

OK, so what does it feel like? Imagine a large bowl of thick pudding, reaching in and grabbing a handful and smashing it against your private area. The feeling is odd and if you are in a drafty setting it is a most uncomfortable feeling so make sure you are in a well heated room. The temperature and humidity level does come into the equation when you are timing the curing process of the casting. Make sure you are in a comfortable position; squatting might seem like a good idea until you get a wicked leg cramp and end up doing some movements around the room that mimic a tribal mating dance from the Congo. Oh sure laugh away but keep that in the back of your mind if you ever decide to make use of one of these kits. Empire suggests that you do this laying down but if you do, make sure there is a large absorbent towel under you to sop up any mess that may occur.

What can you do with this when you have made the original casting? Pretty much anything your sick twisted little mind can think up. Tommy can be perverted but I doubt he will use this as some type of sex toy. He wanted to get the kit to see if I would have the balls / breasts to go through with it. Empire Laboratories, the manufacture of this kit, says that the mold can be used over and over for a variety of things. One of their suggestions was to pour melted chocolate into it for a "one of a kind sensual gift for Valentine's Day". I'm all for kinky weird things but seeing my privates cast in chocolate crosses so many lines it isn't funny.

The Bottom Line

The second casting that we made was without the body jewelry and it looked a tad bit more normal. I was a little disappointed that this wasn't a "real" working model but even if it were, chances are it would never get used. Not that I would enjoy the thought of how it would be used .. this is seriously going off track so I will wrap this up by saying that this is a good kit if you want to make a casting of your privates but you do have to be made well aware that it isn't something that is going to yield a vagina. Tommy finally fessed up and told me how much this cost, $32.99 plus tax. For that price he could have went to the strip bar, slapped down some cash and seen the real deal for a couple minutes instead of getting this kit but there was more to it than that. He was making a bet that I wouldn't go through with it.

Having used the kit and seeing it in action [no pun intended] I can say that it is a novelty item, something to make you laugh and kill off a couple hours. It contains no latex, requires only a minimal amount of mixing and the results are frighteningly lifelike. I do have to admit one thing, it is a bit strange seeing your bits and pieces in front of it. No chick is going to outright admit that she's grabbed a mirror and taken a peek at her wares but there is something so creepy and surreal when you see the mold and final product sitting on the bathroom counter. It's a safe bet that we won't be making any chocolate vaginas this Valentine's Day.

As always, thanks for the visit…

~^V^~ Freak ~^V^~

© 2008 Freak369

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