Metamucil Equate - Fiber Therapy - Compare To  - Smooth Texture, Orange Flavor, Powder, 114 Doses Supplement Reviews
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Metamucil Equate - Fiber Therapy - Compare To - Smooth Texture, Orange Flavor, Powder, 114 Doses Supplement

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Equate Fiber Therapy For Regularness And Prevention Of Acid Reflux and Gas

May 17, 2010 (Updated May 20, 2010)
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Inexpensive compared to antacids.
Ends acid reflux during sleep.
Stops gassiness.
Keeps you regular.

Cons:There are no cons about Equate Fiber Therapy (sugar free).

The Bottom Line: This is three fantastic products rolled into one. Anti-constipation, antacid, anti-gas. It is the best antacid product I have found to fight acid reflux during sleep.

      This is a great product to stay regular with. When you find you need to go, you will enjoy getting in and out of the bathroom quickly without frustrating constipation problems. I find that it surpasses any and all antacid pills, prescription or not, in stopping acid reflux during sleep which I have battled for years. I find that it is very useful in stopping embarrassing gassiness.
      I like to take Equate Fiber Therapy (sugar free) at night right before bed. I put three heaping spoonfuls in a glass and wet it with just enough water to be able to stir and make it swallowable. The less water allows it to soak up more stomach acid during sleep. I scoop up a bit at a time in a spoon, chew into the mushy orange glob to break it down, and swallow. It has a pleasant orangey flavor. For double protection against acid reflux take a 750mg calcium carbonate tablet after your Equate Fiber Therapy. Label warnings state not to use it without sufficient liquid to prevent choking as it is very fine and powdery when dry. With a full dinner, you will probably go to the bathroom within an hour and a half after waking up and that may be your last bathroom visit for your bowels for the day.

      I like to take two spoonfuls in the morning and this really cuts down on gassiness that you do not want to have when working near others.

      My sugar free Equate Fiber Therapy label says per serving:
20 calories per rounded spoonful
0 grams sugar
1 mg iron
5 mg sodium
7 mg calcium
     Equate Fiber Therapy costs only $7.43 at my local chain super store. It comes in a big 2.3 lb container claiming 180 teaspoon doses. This is a wonderful product that allows me to sleep peacefully without stomach acid problems. It allows me to be confident and comfortable around others the next day knowing that my digestive system is under control.

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