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May 25, 2011
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The Bottom Line: A container of Equine America's Fungasol topical ointment is a must for our tack room.

Equine America's Fungasol Cream is a dandy choice for rapid, trouble-free, successful management of girth itch, ringworm, rain rot, mud fever and dew poisoning.

Horses are prone to a number of conditions, none particularly viral, however, they are annoying to the horse affected.  An annoyed horse tends to be an out of sorts, grumpy horse; much as do we humans.  We curb our desire to kick and bite, horses may not.

Girth Itch is an irksome skin sense causing a need to scratch.  Girth is the band encompassing animal's body, often a horse or dog, in order to fasten a pack or saddle securely.

Ringworm is a communicable itching skin malady caused by several of a number of fungi; it presents as diminutive circular patches.  Note humans as well as critters can an do show signs of ringworm.

Mud Fever refers to an aggravated, chapped state of skin of legs and under belly found in horses due to irritation resulting from mud itself or drying resulting from washing off mud spatters. It is strongly associated or all but indistinguishable in nature to grease heel cluster of diseases of horses causing dermatitis and annoyance in the lower limbs of horses. Mud fever is frequently caused by a variety of bacteria, including a spirochete, or spiral-shaped bacterium, Dermatophilus congolensis, and/or Staphylococcus spp. Note: mud fever can be caused by fungal organisms as well.

Rain Rot is a skin infection appearing on backs of horses left out in wet weather. Also called dermatophilosis or Rainscald results from Mud fever causal agent- Dermatophilus congolensis.

Dew Poisoning appears as scratches appearing as skin ruptures around fetlocks, also called grease(y) heel, pastern disease, cracked heel, and dew fever resulting from toxic reaction to dew on bare skin.

As all horse owner realize, these varied conditions on pretty common, cause horses annoyance and are easily treated. A container of Equine America's Fungasol topical ointment is a must for the tack room.

Having a pleasant scent and uncomplicated to remove from the hands, Fungasol is created from all natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial ingredients. Fungasol is easy to apply. Husband inspects Shadow daily, as he did Cimmarron while he was still with us for any indications of any of these skin conditions or for nicks, wounds, and the like as horses seem prone to acquire.

Clean the affected area with warm soapy water. Fungasol Shampoo is a good agent to use before applying a thin coating of Fungasol Cream morning and evening on and around the area, until the skin is clear.

As a rule we have little problem with any of the usual fungal situation, Husband keeps and has always kept an eagle eye on both horses both while living in the dry San Joaquin Valley in California and here in humid Oklahoma. Shadow and Cimmie both have had their share of scrapes and nicks.

I like that Fungasol® is mild for use on our horse(s), warding off bacterial and fungus based problems via an especially formulated complex anti-fungal and anti-bacterial ingredient list. Tea tree oil for soothing the nicks and tears assures less resistance to treatment. Shadow stands pretty quietly whatever the situation and especially when promised a left over breakfast table biscuit.  I do make a few extra just in case. Cimmie on the other hand was often prone to kick, biscuit or no biscuit promised.

I find Equine America products widely available from a diversity of online sites as well as on the shelves in many farm or tack type shops.

Happy to recommend Equine America's Fungasol Cream AND to submit to MADE IN USA write off.

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Ingredients: Mineral oil, Lanolin, Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin E.

Note: Fungasol® products include : Fungasol® Cream is
the ideal treatment for pesky skin conditions such as girth itch, ringworm and rain rot.
Fungasol® Shampoo
Available in 32 ounce and gallon sizes.
Fungasol® Spray
Available in 32 ounce spray.
Fungasol® Cream
Available in 16 ounce.


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Internet search including the Equine America site indicates: At Equine America®, the Absorbine company, we're known for providing the highest quality horse care products at a fair price.

From hoof and joint care, to fly control and award winning supplements, our wide variety of products help millions of horses look and feel better everyday.

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East Longmeadow, MA 01028-5990, USA

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