Estwing E16S Straight Claw Hammer Leather Grip 16 Oz (ESTE16S) Reviews
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Estwing E16S Straight Claw Hammer Leather Grip 16 Oz (ESTE16S)

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Estwing Straight Claw Hammer

Dec 29, 2009 (Updated Dec 29, 2009)
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Pros:durable one piece construction

Cons:none noted

The Bottom Line: The Estwing patented all steel head and handle are forged in one piece to create excellent stability and resilience. 

Estwing's 16 0unce  Straight Claw Hammer having Leather Grip features a sturdy, one piece forged steel construction measuring just over 12 inches in length which meets ASME industry standards for the product.

While this little workhorse of a striking tool is not crafted by either Stanley or Craftsman, my own personal preference when buying tools; it is one dandy hammer.

The Estwing patented all steel head and handle are forged in one piece to create excellent stability and resilience.  I find negligible maintenance is necessary to keep the hammer in tip top condition; I wipe the head and handle with a lightly oiled rag at the end of tasking session. Dad did, I do.

Handle grip is constructed using sole leather washers pressed on and riveted. I wondered how the handles were made, nifty. Grip is polished and double lacquered.

In his tool box Daddy had a hammer having a leather handle, I loved it. I found this Estwing Straight Claw Hammer laying in a box at the local jumble shop, and put it right in my basket for purchase.

While I do not do construction per se or much remodel, my farmer Daddy did, he first remodeled then added onto the house which was my childhood home.

While I do have a, suits me, collection of curved and straight claws, I did not have one having a leather handle. My Estwing, leather handle hammer feels good in my hand, it is rock-solid, stable, and proves multipurpose as I tackle smallish tasks around the house, barn and in the yard.

I like the sturdy feel and balance of this particular hammer as I attack simple repairs requiring a little more heft than is found in my smaller 7 ounce tapping hammer.   Whatever the hand tool; at the end of a prolonged task session, I always have some arm and hand exhaustion and hand cramping to the arthritis in my hands.  That is not a fault of the tool, it is my own physical condition.

My Estwing claw hammer was not new when I purchased it nearly 3 years ago, it was in lovely condition, the leather grip is first-rate, provides non slip grasp and feels good as I use the hammer, I like the one-piece forged head through handle construction designed to help diminish spring back and shock.

I have had my Estwing's 16 0unce, steel construction, Straight Claw Hammer having Leather Grip long enough to call it heavy-duty, easy to use, comfy in my hand and likely is going to outlast me.

Happy to recommend Estwing's 16 0unce Straight Claw Hammer having Leather Grip.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is a professional association endorsing progress in engineering, together with professional growth, development, education, and engineering safety

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From internet search including the Estwing site: initiated in 1923 by Ernest O Estwing, Estwing Manufacturing, was founded immigrant Ernest O. Estwing who settled in Rockford, Illinois along with others from his country.

Estwing Manufacturing is an industrial concern headquartered in Rockford, Illinois, primarily for the manufacture of striking and struck tools including hammers, axes, specialty tools and pry bars. MADE IN THE USA.

Featuring top notch design coupled with high quality materials Estwing an American company continuing to cling to the values and quality exhibited by its founder.

Created of one single piece of steel to provide more strength and durability tools are reliable, practical and usable.

The EstWing range of tool assortment comprises nearly a dozen categories and more than 50 individual designs including : Nail, Dry Wall, Drilling, Geologists, Soft face, and International hammers, Sure Strike tools, hatchets and roofing tools, Bricklayer tools, Specialty Tools, and bars and nail pullers.

Hammers feature metal heads, along with a variety of handle types including wood, fiberglass and metal.

Estwing Manufacturing
2647 8th Street
Rockford, Illinois (IL), 61109, USA

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