Eureka Optima, good for small house, and one animal

Dec 7, 2009 (Updated Dec 9, 2009)
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Pros:Compact Size and Low Cost

Cons:Clogs filter quickly, air exhaust blows debris around if not in reclined position

The Bottom Line: Good if you have a small place and probably best for 2 occupants and one animal.  Don't get it if you have big dogs who shed a lot!

Why I originally selected this product
My fiance and I picked this vacuum out from the selection available at Target.  What drew us to this product was its moderate price(on sale for $48) and compact size.  Another nice feature is that it doesn't require the use of a bag, so there is no extra expense there.  Not having to use a bag is also an environmentally friendly option so that was also another plus for me.  You also don't have to worry about going, and making a special trip out to purchase bags when you run out.

I like the size of this vac, the handle extends and retracts so its easy to squeeze into a packed closet or laundry room.  This was important to us because our house doesn't have very much storage.  When the handle is retracted the height is just under three feet tall, 34 inches to be exact. The handle expands to make the vac 44 inches tall at a maximum, but allows you to adjust it to whatever height in between you'd like.  This makes it convenient for users of all sizes.

Concerns and Troubleshooting
I was concerned that we might be sacrificing power for size and convenience, but that was not the case.  This vac packs plenty of power to get the job done, and works well on all sorts of of dust, dirt and fur. The machine may begin to lose suction power, while the canister may not look full because the filter can become clogged up with fur, and larger objects that get sucked in. This can be a bit of a pain, so the canister needs to be emptied fairly often. You end up having to pick the fur and dust from the crevices in the filter to get to back in great running shape. It will suck of even quarters, so make sure there isn't anything lying around of importance. You can also turn on or off the rotating brush so it works well on hard floors and carpets.

Air Quality
After I vacuum I definitely notice a dramatic improvement in the air quality, which is essential for me because Im asthmatic.  

The Biggest Issue
My biggest complaint about the vacuum is that the air fan is located at the lower front.  If the vacuum is not in a reclined position, or obtuse angle it will blow dirt around.  This is not the best design.  I have to make sure when using the hose function that the front of the vacuum is facing away from the dirt. 

Good on floors and carpet in the house.  It was not so good when used  on my car.  It was not good on all the ground in dirt and cat fur, it was pretty much a pain in the butt and had to be emptied around 7 times (I can't remember the last time it was vacuumed, so this was not your average job).

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