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Jul 27, 2011
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Pros:Great suction, easy to maneuver, very good edge cleaning.

Cons:Typical drawbacks of a bagless vacuum.

The Bottom Line: A Small bagless vac that exceeded my expectations in every way. Just be realistic about what you are buying... a compact bagless vacuum.

This vacuum is terrific for what it is... a small, lilightweight bagless vacuum. If you own a home with pets or kids, I would not recommend this as your only vacuum. The filter needs to basically be either sprayed out with water or an air compressor after heavy use. It is great for quick touch ups or for specific messes. As a quick, lilightweight vacuum this little thing SUCKS (in a good way). Another plus is that it folds almost completely flat so you can get under coffee tables and such. It is also nice to have the ability to turn the beater bar off for when you are doing bare floors or using the attachments. Most of the negative reviews in my opinion are from idiots who have irrational expectations for a vacuum this size and in this price range. Unless you are delusional... you should realize just by looking at it that this thing is not going to clean like a Kirby.

Just looking at this thing you should immediately realize 2 things: 1. ALLbagless vacuums are a dusty, nasty mess to empty and 2. Any smaller vacuum is going to have more challenges to empty and maintain thana regular full size vacuum. It's just pros and cons. Some people prefer the cons of a bag vacuum and some prefer the cons of a bagless vacuum. I use both at home.

If you have a bagless vaccuum, you should have accepted long ago that you cannot empty it inside your home. You really need to take it out to the garbage can outside where you can dump it and bang the filter off a couple of times. It doesn't have to be that hard though. The filter doesn't have to be spotless every time you empty it. Just get the biggest part of the mess off. The reviewer with the Cinderella story cracked me up because she is just dramatic and unrealistic. I was laughing as I pictured her sitting on the floor cleaning out the filter with a toothpick crying. All you need to do is empty the cup, bang out the filter a few times and pop it back on. You don't HAVE to get every single hair off the filter. After you use a standard bag vacuum once, the inside of the bag doesn't look pretty either however you don't see that and it works fine until it fills up so far. Same thing here, you just get to see the dirt instead of it being inside of a bag. Eventually after multiple uses if you start to notice it not sucking as well, you clean the filter out with water. This one is small so I do it in my sink using my sprayerhose. It takes less than 5 minutes and then the filter works like new again. Eureka says you can do that up to 6 times per filter however I have done it many more than that and am still using the same filter just fine. I'm just cheap though... you can get these filters for like 10 bucks from Ebay delivered to your door.

I have a standard, full size bag vacuum cleaner at home that I use for deep cleaning. If you have a full sized house with kids and/or pets you would be crazy to think this Eureka could be your only vacuum. This vaccuum is AWESOME at quick touch ups before company arrives, quick spot treatments or for getting to those harder to reach places that a full size vacuum is too clunky to fit in or around. Another great thing is that the head of the vacuum has suction right to the razor edge of it so it is awesome for running right up along stuff to clean the edges. Does very well on bare floors also.

So in summary, this vacuum ROCKS if you are realistic or have the gift of sight. As a small, bagless vacuum it performs way better than I ever expected it to. If you think this vacuum will be fast and clean to empty or that it can be your only vacuum in large household, you may be dissapointed.

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