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When you get tired of counting Sheep

Jul 26, 2012 (Updated Jul 27, 2012)
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Pros:Works fast for me..

Cons:Doesn't give me 8 full hours..

The Bottom Line:

I would recommend, and will also keep purchasing.

I am a complete and total insomniac. It seems as if more often that not, I don't get full nights sleep.  Between the lack of sleep and the fibromyalgia pain, it makes for a very long day, and nights as well. 

Excedrin PM

I will often take a dose of  Excedrin PM when I am beyond ready for bed, and I just can't sleep because I am up with pain.  I especially love to take Excedrin Pm when I have a migraine.  It sometimes does not completely get rid of my migraine, but it helps me fall asleep  a lot faster. I also like to take an Excedrin PM when I have a cold or flu. It helps me sleep when I am miserable and also helps bring down a higher temperature.


Excedrin Pm comes in a child proof bottle, which is fairly easy for me to get open. You just press down and turn at the same time.  I buy the smaller bottle and it comes 24 to a bottle. You can purchase larger sizes, but I happened to have coupons for the smaller size. The directions say to take two for an adult dosage. They consider an adult to be ages 12 and up.  They do not list dosages for a child so I would assume it isn't recommend for children.

As far as anything else on this bottle, the print is so small I doubt I could even read it with a magnifying glass.  I could make out that there was a liver damage warning, so if you have liver problems the acetaminophen could make it worse.

The tablets are large and oval, they aren't too big that I would find them difficult to swallow.  They are a light blue in color with  the letters 'PM'  printed on them.


The active ingredients listed are Acitaminophen 500 and Diphenhjdramine-Citrate 38.

My Experiences

When I take the adult dosage I find that it takes me about twenty minutes for this product to begin to work, and probably another ten minutes after that for me to finally fall asleep.  I find that this product works for about four hours before I wake up.  I haven't really found anything out there that works for any longer than four hours.  I am impressed though at how quickly this product works for me.  I don't need a prescription, and since this product does not contain aspirin it won't upset my tummy. I am not suppose to take too much aspirin anyway with having the gastric bypass.  This product is gentle on my tummy.


For the most part I feel well rested.  I do wish this product would last a bit longer than four hours, but ever so happy for the relief that it does give me without upsetting my stomach or making me feel drowsy. I will be a repeat purchaser of this product and would recommend.

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