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Sanford Expo Dry Erase Marker Fine Point (84001)

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Whittlin' Away With A Chisel Tip Expo - Expo Dry Erase Marker Chisel Tip Blue

Feb 22, 2004
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Pros:Great, just great I tell ya. Vibrant line. Full of ink. Erasing made simple.

Cons:Why don't you find one. None.

The Bottom Line: All-in-all, Expo markers are at the top of the dry erase marker list.

Expecting Expo:
.....Expo has many dry erase packages on the market. Their products are top-notch items that are sure to please even the pickiest of all shoppers. I never have to read reviews on their line of items before buying something because I know that I am getting the best of the best products. You can get dry erase marker sets of four, eight or more with a wide variety of color choices. This review is about a lonesome blue dry erase marker, why, I don't know.
.....Now, I don't personally own own any Expo markers, but I have aquired one from school for the purpose of reviewing. I have a white board at home that I use to practice my Japanese characters on and whatnot. I have used many a marker in the past and have found the Expo markers to be at the top of my list. Please stay tuned for a review on the Expo chisel tip dry erase marker.

In Motion:
.....Ah yes, time to use it. This is where the Expo markers come alive. I love writing with these dry erase markers. As you write, you get a brilliant, nice, shiny, full line. It doesn't leave a dull line behind, that’s for sure. The body is nice and wide, giving it an excellent grip while writing.. The marker glides beautifully across the board leaving behind a vibrant line of color, unless you're using black. No other markers compare to the Sanford Expo ones.
…..Along with an excellent marker, you get a chisel tip on it. If you don't know what that is, it is a tip that lets you write in different thicknesses with one tip. When you want a big fat line, hold it the normal way. With a ninety-degree turn of the wrist, you have a leaner medium line for more intricate writing. And a small turn further and you get a fine line for the thinnest of the three. I only use it for the fatter line because it is just habit. If you want to have a fine line, just get the Expo Fine Tip Markers.

Capping It:
.....One important rule about having dry erase markers, or any ink-writer of any sort, is to recap the marker after use. Dry erase markers especially dry out fast when left open to the air. To help you to remember to recap when finished, the cap has a protruding piece that allows it to stick to the back of the marker when in use. Then when you are done , just put it back on the marker. Leaving the marker uncapped for a few hours, or even a day, should not make it go completely dry at first. If you find that it has, just place the cap on it and put it in an upright position - in a cup, etc. - with the tip facing down. After a day or so, it should be working again.

Erasing The Evidence:
.....The ability to erase well is what separates the good markers from the bad. A lot of markers, when being erased, leave an ugly outline behind. After a while, these outlines begin to build and make the board discolored. But the nice thing about Expo dry erase markers is that, when you erase them, they don't leave behind that noticeable outline. If you have something on the board for a long period of time - a day or so - then you may need o use the Ex white board cleaner to get it completely off. I suggest you erase writing within a short period after writing it.

The Useless & Useful:

--Certified AP Non-Toxic (still doesn't mean you can eat it, though)

--Conform To ASTM D4236 (Whatever that means)

A Million Brain Cells Down The Drain:
.....If a marker doesn't have a strong odor, then it doesn't work (unless you have the low odor Expo II markers). The Expo Dry erase markers have that strong odor. It isn't noticeable at first, but eventually works it's way to your nose within a few minutes. It isn't near as bad as a permanent marker or the Expo white board cleaner, but doesn't smell like roses either. Overall, I don't think the odor of this marker will bug you too much. Unless it's close to your face, you won't get too much of a whiff of it.

Worth The Hole In The Wallet?
.....Of course this Expo dry erase marker is worth it, not that you could buy it solo, but anyway. Expo whiteboard products have always been worthwhile for the small price you pay for them. Their markers are long lasting and have a strong tone throughout its lifespan, which, by the way, is pretty long. It also erases quite well from the board without leaving an outline behind (as much as others do, at least). The expo markers, or marker in this case, are definitely on the top of my list of dry erase products, along with Boone.

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