The F2 Speed Machine that beats the rest!

Dec 14, 2003 (Updated Dec 14, 2003)
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Pros:Speed, speed, speed! Extremely quick, wide sail range.

Cons:Turning ability until mastered.

The Bottom Line: Buy for medium to high wind, flat water sailing, and lake blasting. Not great for waves!

The F2 Xantos II is a no-frills composite board that is durable and good looking. The lines are sleek and it bucks tradition by not being obviously of the usual teardrop design - although its vital statistics belie that. Its strengths are its swift acceleration and blistering top end speed.

The foot position is ideal and I have left the straps in their original places. This is comfortable for all out blasting and for manoeuvring in flat water and chop, and the quality of the F2 accessories is such that they are easy to get in and out of.

I have sailed this board in variety of conditions and it is clearly most at home in flat water in strong conditions. The high volume is not a handicap in these conditions and I have used it in a Force 6 with a 6.4m slalom sail, and the factory fin coped with no spin-out or hydroplaning. As the chop increased I changed down to 5.6m and the manoeuvrability of the board lent itself to chop hops and spocks. Unfortunately the Xantos does not possess the best turning ability but requires a bit of coaxing. With practice it is possible to carve gybe, spock and heli-tack when not too over-powered.

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