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Falls Park, Greenville, North Carolina

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Greenville, South Carolina has a Beautiful City Park

Mar 28, 2012 (Updated Mar 28, 2012)
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Pros:Location, beautiful, well kept, waterfalls, Liberty Bridge, music and ambiance.

Cons:Fairly small, not much art or entertainment.

The Bottom Line: Falls Park in Greenville, South Carolina is a surprisingly nice city park. It is a little bit small but has a nice ambiance.

We recently visited Asheville, North Carolina in family business. However, we flew in and out of Greenville Spartanburg, South Carolina, so we did not have to stop in Atlanta on the way. Unfortunately our flight was cancelled so we had to spend the evening and the night in Greenville. The upside of that is that we got to visit a beautiful park downtown Greenville (Falls Park), and we also had a good time on Main Street and we ate at a Japanese-Mexican restaurant (never seen that combo before but it was good).

Falls Park, Greenville, South Carolina

Falls Park, Greenville, South Carolinais a surprisingly beautiful city park located downtown Greenville right by Main Street. Falls Park is essentially a wooded valley with a river (Reedy River). It is surrounded by the city including Main Street, which features many restaurants, pubs, and entertainment venues. There are also restaurants overlooking the park. Falls Park features gardens and several waterfalls as well as a beautiful and unique pedestrian suspension bridge (Liberty Bridge) overlooking the Reedy River.

This bridge is a tourist attraction in itself. Liberty Bridge is a 380 feet curved concrete suspension bridge with metallic guard rails. The bridge curves away from the falls and the hanger cables and the towers are located away from the side where you have the falls. This gives you an excellent view of the falls.

In the park there are several gardens, two amphitheaters, pathways, overlooks, terraces, lawns, flower beds, and staircases. There are benches in the park and there are bathrooms in the park. The park is 26 acres and open from 7AM to 9PM.

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A Walk in Falls Park, Greenville, South Carolina

My wife and I had some time to kill so we took a taxi from our hotel to Falls Park. As we walked into the park we saw the green valley, the river and the water falls, the flowers, and the interesting bridge. It was a short of Wow experience. We did not expect a small city like Greenville to have such an interesting city park. I should say that since it was March there were not a lot of flowers in the park yet, but there were some flowerbeds, and I can imagine how it will look like later in the spring.

We crossed the bridge and walked on the pathways. We saw children playing by the water and climbing the rocks by the waterfall. There were musicians playing and people picnicking. The sights and the sounds created a nice ambiance. The fact that the park is a valley isolates it a little bit from the city and makes it a little bit tranquil. As the dusk arrived they turned on lights which made the park even more interesting.

Overall the park was an interesting and peaceful experience. However, being a small city park, it is a fairly small park and it did not feature much art or entertainment. I recommend it if you visit Greenville but it is not a super interesting tourist attraction.

Finally I would like to thank Popsrocks lead in travel for adding this park to the epinions data base.

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