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Geeks, Trekkies, Killer Pimps, Peyote, Episode One and William Shatner; FANBOYS

Jun 20, 2009 (Updated Jun 20, 2009)
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Pros:Funny, great gags, Hilarious Cameos, and a touching story.

Cons:Non-Fanboys might not get it.

The Bottom Line: If you were a geek nerd or any other form of Dweeb, you will love this movie.

Plot Details: This opinion reveals minor details about the movie's plot.

Fanboys (2008) Directed by Kyle Newman

Linus: How did you score all of this?
William Shatner: Are you kidding? I'm William Shatner; I can score anything.

Fanboys is the story of four friends who in 1998 decide to storm the Lucas Ranch and steal a copy of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace six months before it released. 

Considering the difficulties and probable legal repercussions, you might ask why they are doing this.  (Actually, if you are asking that question, you are not Fanboy.  Fanboys get it.)  But the reason is simple; Eric (Sam Huntington) ditched his nerd friends to join the real world after high school, now working at his dad's car lot.  But when he runs into his old crowd at a Halloween party it is obvious that Zoe (Kristen Bell) Hutch (Dan Folger) and Windows (Jay Baruchel) are glad to see him, Linus (Chris Marquette) his best friend since first grade, is less than enthusiastic.

Hutch and Windows spell things out for him.  Linus is dying.  He has cancer.  And he has four month to live.  They just want to give Eric the chance to make things right with his friend.  Hence, the road trip.

And road trip movie it is, with all the prerequisite gags; first stop, Texas, to meet Window's online girlfriend "Rogue Leader."  Just remember, not everything is as advertised on the web...
But first, a stop in Iowa, to mess with Trekkies at the shrine to Captain James T. Kirk's future birthplace.  (Check out the packages on the statues!)  I am guessing by the poor quality of the replication of all things Star Trek that the Wh*res at Newline Pictures really weren't on board with this project.

There are the obligatory car troubles, and of course the bar they walk to is "The Mantina" a gay biker bar.  (Think the Blue Oyster Bar from the Police Academy movies).  Then they take another side trip; peyote induced.  Danny Trejo makes a great appearance here.  Running from the police, and a night in jail are other stock road trip tales.  And Zoe, come to bail them out, joins the quest.

Next stop, Vegas, to meet "The Scruffy Nerf Herder" and obtain the security schematics.  Of course, in Vegas, what will they encounter?  Casinos, heavy losses, "escorts" and killer pimps.  There is a great scene where Seth Rogan attacks Seth Rogan...see if you can spot him.

Of course, there are endless clichés, each designed to make a true fanboy say "Ain't it Cool" like Harry Knowles making a cameo (actually played by Ethan Suplee) author of "Ain't it Cool News".  There are the Cameos; Billy Dee Williams as Judge Reinhold (a double geekism), and Carrie Fisher as the Doctor.  Listen to her last line...  One of my favorites is Ray Parks as head of security at the Lucas Ranch telling them "You're about to get mauled."  (For the non-geek, Ray Parks played the Sith Apprentice Darth Maul in Episode One.  When he moves, you will see it.  Poetry.  Damn Sexy Poetry.)  Even Jay and Silent Bob make an appearance (Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith).  It is just one endless joke after another, ("I'm Picasso's Blue Period.") The point it becomes art is where they manage to weave all of this into a cohesive story.

And it is touching.  It is a story about friends, and the lengths we go to for them.  Like Linus says, "This is not about the movie.  This is about us, being together again."  There is comradery, self sacrifice, self enlightenment, and someone gets the girl.

If you don't get this movie, then I have sad news for you; you are not a fanboy.  But if you are a geek, a nerd, a Wookiie lover, or a Trekkie, you will get this; heck, you will probably see yourself in this.  And that is good.  If you don't...well, we can't explain it to you.  But I think you'll get the human drama, and stripping straight boys is always funny.

This review is Lean-N-Mean.  I like to compare that phrase to someone in the movie, but the only one it comes close to is Zoe.  Still, the review is a deliberately concise 666 words.

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