Fanci Full full Temporary Hair Color 21 Plush Brown 9oz. (CMR38021) Reviews

Fanci Full full Temporary Hair Color 21 Plush Brown 9oz. (CMR38021)

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Rinse Your Gray Away: Fanci-full Plush Brown Temporary Hair Color

Jan 7, 2010 (Updated Jan 11, 2010)
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Pros:Easy to use, Temporarily covers gray hair

Cons:Messy, not very convenient

The Bottom Line: Reasonable, economic solution to temporarily covering gray hair

Sooner or later, all of us have to deal with losing a bit of our natural hair color. When I started noticing a bit more gray in my hair several years ago, I decided to try a temporary rinse, after having been told by several hair dressers that color treatment, in conjunction with perms, could damage my hair. I decided to try Fanci-full, a temporary hair color, without the use of harsh chemicals, that washes out with repeated shampoos. Since my natural color is brown, I decided to try the Plush Brown-21, recommended for medium to dark brown hair. For a nominal price of @ $4.99 per 9 oz. bottle, this product met my needs in covering my gray hair until I decided to switch to a more permanent hair color solution, when this product no longer covered my ever-growing accumulation of gray strands.

The Company:

The Colomer Group is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain and was founded in 1943 by Jose Colomer. This company manufactures and markets a variety of beauty and hair products including skin treatments, make-up, hair coloring, skin care, fragrances, shampoos, conditioner, and sun protection products. The company was acquired by Revlon in 1978 and bought back by the Colomer family in 2000; creating the Colomer Group.

The Product:

Each 9 ounce bottle contains about 10 applications. The product is easy to use. After shampooing and shaking to bottle, the thin liquid is directly applied to the hair, or by hand, and worked through with the fingertips or a comb. After applying, you simply style your hair as usual. Although it's not recommended, I chose to towel dry my hair lightly, in order to remove the excess liquid. The color stays in until washed out with the next shampoo. This product comes in 24 different colors ranging from Ultra Sweet Cream (light blonde) to Midnight (dark black).

My Experience:

Each application of Fanci-full Plush Brown resulted in satisfactorily covering my gray hair temporarily. However, it did leave some color stain on my pillow at night, and it was a bit messy, leaving my hands slightly soiled. It also has to be used after every shampoo, which is a bit of a a hassle. Still, using this product is a good alternative for covering gray hair for those who do not wish to run the risk of damaging their hair with permanent solutions. Although the label claims that this product enriches color and adds shine, I personally, have not seen clear evidence that those claims are true.


The label states the Fanci-full is ammonia and peroxide fee. Actual ingredients include: Water Aqua, Hexylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Stearalkonium Chloride, Octoxynol-1, Benzyl Alcohol, Tartaric Acid, Coumarin, Geraniol, Fragrance Parfum, Direct Black 51, Acid Violet 43 CI 30730, Acid Orange 24, Direct Red 80.

Overall Recommendation:

I found Fanci-full Plush Brown Temporary Hair Color to be a reasonable and relatively economical resource for covering my gray hair, until it became necessary to use a permanent solution. I did, however, find it to be a bit messy, and it was a bit of a hassle to have to re-apply after each shampoo. The bottle is also not very portable, and does not come in a travel size for vacation use. I like the convenience of using my permanent hair color once very 6 weeks, and getting the messiness over all at once. 

I recommend this product primarily for those who just need to cover slightly graying hair, or as a touch up between hair colorings. At @ .49 cents an application, it's a pretty good deal. While it may not actually enrich your natural color or add shine, it does adequately cover the gray; at least temporarily, until your next shampoo.

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