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Field 6, Jones Beach

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Field 6, Jones Beach, The First To Be Filled Every Day and For Good Reason!!

May 25, 2011
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Pros:Lot overlooks the beach

Cons:Gets busy and closes early.

The Bottom Line:

Field 6 is the First Jones Beach Parking Field to be filled every day. Beach front parking and a board walk to the beach are two good reasons why.

My wife and I met at Jones Beach 45 Years ago. We have continued returning many, many times per year. Most often we are sure to get out relatively early to be sure we find a parking spot in Field 6 of Jones Beach. For us, it's the best. It seems the same for many others too.

Field 6 happens to be one of the smaller parking fields and field houses in the Jones Beach complex. It also happens have the best location, a parking lot right on the beach without a crazy distance to walk. This is a reason and there are others to be told why one must get to this beach early to get in otherwise they close off the entrance with large orange cones that are always there at the ready for a quick close.

During the out-of-school summer months one must be there by about 9:30-10:00am. On weekends an hour earlier. The fee at Field 6 is the same as all the Jones Beach lots. $8. Seniors, over 62, get in free on weekdays but must pay on weekends and holidays. We will take advantage of that and not purchase a seasonal pass this year that is about $60.

A Boardwalk Right Up To The Beach

At one end of the lot is a board walk section that takes one two thirds out toward the water leaving just thirty-fifty yards or so to the waters edge.  The image above is an older one. The walk goes out much further than that now. We were there again just yesterday and made use of the wooden walk.

What's especially nice is that there are many handicap parking spots nearby for those who need them. We generally get a spot a few rows away. When driving in the lot start toward the west and look for an outdoor shower. That's where the beach boardwalk is.

The walk has a series of "wings" that jut off it on its path to the water. These are good places for those in wheel chairs to stay and enjoy the sun, sights and sounds of the beach.

Upon  a few unusually high tides the walk was washed up but the state has done a masterful job replacing it and maintaining the walk.

Many people with large coolers and strollers take advantage of the walk too. No bikes skateboards and the like are allowed on it.

Beach House Basics

The beach house is open daily and provides hot fast foods and drink including dogs, fries, burgers, beer, soda and ice cream. There's also a small beach shop for boogie boards, kites, shovel & pails, lotions, hats, t-shirts , shells and more. The prices are competitive and not terribly high.

Men's and woman's showers are available at the field house along with well used rest rooms. They are generally in clean condition and well stocked.

Q U I E T!!  No Radio Zone!

Perhaps I shouldn't be shouting. This is a no radio zone beach. Unlike all the other beaches on the Jones beach strip that allow open sounds from radios, this one doesn't allow them. Head phone owners only can get away with a radio. I happen to like that option on days when we go to the beach for R&R.

On busy days R&R can only be expected if walking a hundred yards to the east or west of the guarded areas that are marked by green flags because this is a popular beach with many families and loud talkers. Dontcha just hate the actions of those who must shout on the phone talking business or whatever for everyone to hear?

As the beach fills the life guards extend the swimming areas that are under their protection.


Yes dive bombing seagulls! We generally take a sandwich and a beer to the beach, (don't tell anyone cause alcohol is not allowed, unless you buy it there) along with our beach chairs and an umbrella. Umbrellas can be rented there too.

It seems that the seagulls of Jones Beach Field 6 are expecting a free lunch and grab sandwiches for themselves and are VERY successful doing so.

Here's how they work. After the morning southern breezes that hold up the waves well for surfers who use this beach, the wind generally shifts to the south. The seagulls can hover over the beach facing the waters and also behind your shoulder watching as you open your sandwich. They stay up there waiting. The moment you put your hand out with the sandwich, Ba boom! they attack. In one swift move they swoop down and knock the sandwich out of your hand and then immediately pick it up from the sand. They do this every day!

I have warned people and they kind of brush me off until it happens to them or a nearby neighbor. The seagulls also look for unattended blankets. They will go to one and open any bags left around and steal whatever food is in it. This is a fact!

I had a gul get my lunch one time. As I was comfortably sitting in my beach chair with a sandwich, it knocked the sandwich out of my hand and I wasn't fast enough to tackle it before it grabbed the food right up off the sand and made for a hasty escape. I promise, never will a gul get my lunch again without a terrible fight.

Open Areas to the East

There are signs that kite flying is only allowed on the east side of the parking lot. This area in the back nearby the lot also has grills for use if you bring your own coals. It's generally not too busy.

There is rumor, and by the fine leather bags they are carrying and slim suits, that the east end of the lot is a gathering place for gays. My distant observations agrees with the rumor.

You will see many more families on the west side of the lot taking advantage of the walk to the beach.

Health Walk Starts H E R E!!

Jones beach Field 6 is popular year round as it is the lot where you can park for the 2 Mile Health Walk that starts on the regular boardwalk. The walk goes to field 1. Round trip its a four mile trek. It has markers at the 1/10 mile distances. This is a walk and it is bad form to jog when the board walk is busy. The spring, fall and winter bring many joggers and runners.

pops Last Thoughts

I happen to love Jones beach and Field 6 particularly. I can be there in less than ten minutes from my home. I take advantage of all that the beach lot and field house offers. Mostly my wife and I make our way down the beach boardwalk with chairs, umbrella, a little lunch and drink and a couple of good books.

There are many times when there are storms at sea that we take a drive to beach 6 to look at the ocean waves.

People watching, eating a sub lunch,, taking a walk along the beach waters, catching a few rays, reading a good book and being together. What more could we want?

Jones Beach Field 6, I recommend it.

Jones Beach Tower

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