Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales  (Nintendo DS, 2007) Reviews

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales (Nintendo DS, 2007)

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Cute game that will keep you busy

Dec 4, 2007
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Pros:Many features that keeps player busy

Cons:TOO cute at times, redundant

The Bottom Line: The minigames are fun making it a good party game with a group of friends. The story mode will keep you busy when your friends aren't around.

The story begins at the Chocobo farm when the magician innocently brings a picture book that is actually occupied by the great devil Bebuzu. The book engulfs the entire farm, and it’s up to the Chocobo to retrieve the townspeople and stop Bebuzu from reviving into his full form! This is done by participating in minigames within the picture books. Several times throughout the game, bosses must be defeated through pop-up duels (aka: card game).

The whole game is extremely cute (adorable characters, cheesy storylines), but the game itself is exciting. Each minigame tests different skills such as speed, brains, accuracy or luck. The stylus function is incorporated well. The multiplayer function allows player to challenge friends to minigames or pop-up duels. Using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, players can also engage in pop-up duels with players all over the world.

Although the minigames are different from one another, there are 5 levels within the same minigame. The difference between the levels is that the opponents are different (hence the difficulty increases as the level increases). The Chocobo must pass at least 3 levels to continue on the story (or all 5 and extra requirements to unlock all the materials such as releasing townspeople or discovering new cards for the pop-up duels) so it gets a little redundant having to play the same game but harder with different characters.

All in all, it’s a cute game that keeps players busy with the main storyline, setting new records in the minigame, collecting rare cards for the pop-up duels and releasing the townspeople.

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