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Final Fantasy IV (Nintendo DS, 2008)

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The Enhanced Version of Final Fantasy IV for the DS

May 26, 2012
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Pros:Great battle system, stunning graphics, lengthy, entertaining

Cons:Some bland areas of the game, story is somewhat boring

The Bottom Line: A deep JRPG remade for the DS by the same folks that brought us Final Fantasy III--a must buy if you haven't played it before!

Final Fantasy IV was originally released in 1991 for the Super Nintendo.  Almost twenty years later it got the remake treatment  for the Nintendo DS to good reviews due to the revised script, updated graphics, and a New Game Plus mode for a post-credits adventures!

Never having played the original incarnation, this was a prime deal for my dusty DS to not only participate in a historical series, but play an RPG (something that has fallen a little bit off the wayside for me recently).

The story isn’t very deep or engaging, which isn’t surprising, but still sort of a letdown. You play as Cecil, a dark knight, who’s trying to stop a bad guy named Golbez from collecting these crystals which will help him take over and then destroy the world.

Again, nothing new here, but one thing advertised a bunch about this game was the new translation and emphasis on elements of the story that hadn’t been expanded upon in the original or the Gameboy Advance version of the title.

I didn’t really play the game for the story as I found it to be pretty boring despite the interesting band of characters at your disposal like Cecil and his compatriot Kain. However, the battle system is really where the game shines as it ushered in the era of the Active Time Battle, which would be a mainstay for years afterwards.

Each character has its own class and enemies have a bigger bite this time around where you have to actually employ tactics to defeat most of the bosses. That said, much of this game is surprisingly challenging, which I enjoyed as I dig level grinding.

The customization isn’t as amazing as I wish it was. Certain classes get specific armor and weapons, of course, and you can also use these augments you find to give characters certain abilities to add to their arsenal. However, it’s such a jumbled system and unbalanced that I never really used many augments.

I have to say that the graphics in FFIV are hands down the best of the DS era. Some of these cut-scenes are breathtaking and every spritely image is colorful and alive. Battles are much more enjoyable as there are multitudes of effects that go on around you. Environments are richly textured and pop so that it’s a constant feast for your eyes.

The music has also been reworked so that Nobuo Uematsu’s fabulous score has a better quality through the DS’s speakers. Couple the gorgeous soundtrack with the voice acting that’s actually not as horrendous as you might think and you have a nice arena for your ears to mingle in while you play.

If you want a game that will easily give you sixty hours of gameplay and a battle system that’s not only easy to use, but enjoyable as well Final Fantasy IV is a great game for you. There are a lot of different versions floating around including The Complete Collection on the Wii Shop Channel that has a ton of bonus material, but this one is just convenient especially if you’re like me who hasn’t been using his DS as much these days.

© Jason Haskins, 2012

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Hailed by critics as one of the best titles in the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy IV makes its DS debut as an updated version of the original ...
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Hailed by critics as one of the best titles in the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy IV makes its DS debut as an updated version of the original ...
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