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Finger Ease Guitar String Lubricant Is Good For The Tender Fingers Of A Beginner

Jul 31, 2008 (Updated Mar 30, 2009)
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Pros:Easy on the fingers, adds quickness, may condition your fretboard

Cons:Not sure if it extends string life

The Bottom Line: Finger Ease is a useful product for guitar players of all levels.

Finger Ease Guitar String Lubricant has been around for a long time--so long, in fact, that I remember using Finger Ease (or a product very much like it) as early as 1970 or so. Even though the title of my review refers to Finger Ease being of help for a beginning guitar player, the product has benefits for a grizzled old veteran like myself, and I'd like to share some of those benefits with you.

Finger Ease comes in a tubular shaped aerosol spray bottle that probably holds six ounces of fluid or so. I don't know what the ingredients are in the product, but I've always thought that Finger Ease smelled faintly of apples. Whatever the ingredients, the product is formulated to make finger-on-string contact a little bit easier. Those of you who play the guitar probably remember the first few weeks of your learning experience-- fresh new fingers are unaccustomed to repeated contact with tough metal or nylon guitar strings, and if you were determined to learn the guitar, the pain could be pretty intense, at least until you cultivated and grew a nice crop of calluses on the pads of your fingertips. Finger Ease is formulated to make the strings a little slicker, cutting down on the harshness of the finger-string contact for the beginning guitarists. It also helps long-time pickers like myself, even though my fingers are tough as nails, because it does alleviate the stress of playing the guitar for extended periods of time.

I really like Finger Ease because I think it makes me faster when I perform a solo on my electric guitar. I spray it on the strings and fretboard of my guitar two or three times during a gig, and I feel like I can execute my runs quicker and maybe perform more intricate solos. Movement of my fingers on the strings is easier and in turn, I think it makes me a better guitar player, to a certain degree.

Finger Ease is also touted to make your strings last longer. I'll admit that I'm still on the fence about this claim--Finger Ease can have a tendency to build up over time, and it could attract dirt, oils and other grime to your strings that will actually shorten their life. The key is to always wipe your strings and fretboard down thoroughly after you finish with it, and while the strings may not last past their prime, their life expectancy won't be shortened either.

Finger Ease poses no damage to the delicate woods of your guitar. In fact, I think that if you wipe down the fretboard very thoroughly after using the product, it might serve to condition the fretboard. It seems to work as a pretty good cleaner and it may remove embedded oils and dirt, making your fretboard a little quicker in the bargain.

I recommend Finger Ease--I've used it for a lot of years and I think it's helped me be a little bit better guitar player. It's also good for beginners, because it eases the shredded fingertips that they sometimes develop.

Thanks for reading.

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