Bought two and neither worked.

Nov 10, 2008 (Updated Nov 15, 2008)
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Pros:Both heaters looked very nice

Cons:Didn't last.  Customer service was poor. Had to return.

The Bottom Line: This heater just appears to be poorly made and the thermocouple seems to been an ongoing problem.  Breaks too easy or doesn't work at all.

I'm on my second Fire Sense outdoor heater.  The first was a Black 40,000 BTU heater and the second was the copper 40,000 BTU heater.  They both use a standard 20 lb propane gas tank.  Although it was easy to put together...The first one had a Thermocouple problem and never worked.  The Thermocouple is an element on the heating unit that regulates the heat.  If it is too close to or too far from the flame it will shut off the heater early or not allow it to start at all.  The directions are not clear on how to adjust this. It is also sort of difficult to get in there and even find the thermocouple. 
I believe the second heater I bought has a similar problem as after about five uses it now shuts off after a few minutes of use.  Only got the second one because Fire Sense wasn't prominent on the box and didn't realize I had bought from the same company.
  My biggest problem with this company has been that the customer service number only sends you to a voice mail box.  No one has ever picked up the phone.   I did get a call back the next day after leaving a message and the gentleman offered to send me directions on how to get my heater to work.  He ended up emailing me a hand-drawing that was scanned in.  It was impossible to read and me and a friend tried everything we could to decipher it...with little success.  It was quite humorous.  Tried calling back a few times and never heard back from them.  The fact that he was prepared with this hand drawing to fix my problem tells me he has heard this problem many times. 
So we packed it up and took it back and got another heater and after about 5 uses, it just shuts down after a few minutes.  And when it did work, I didn't notice much heat coming from it.  The packaging says it heats a 18 foot area.  I would say it was closer to about 6 ft. 
Lastly, if you turn it up too high it makes a very loud hissing/whistling sound that is quite annoying.   Also the large bottom section of the heater needs to be lifted up every time you want to start and stop the heater.  It makes it a bit akward.  I have seen heaters that are much easier to open than this one.  Gave up and bought a natural gas heater and had it professionally installed. If you can't do that I would recommend the CharmGlow heaters instead.  I have a table top version on my upper deck and it has worked well for about a year.  It uses a smaller 9 lb propane tank and provides enough heat for two people.

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