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Worth the price

Jan 13, 2007 (Updated Jan 13, 2007)
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Pros:Learning made fun, Lots of activities, Promotes learning

Cons:Large, Pricey, No protection for bare feet, seat not easily removed

The Bottom Line: For fun, healthy learning, buy it! If you dont have the space I recommend something smaller.

After looking at numerous exersaucers for my twins, I came across this one by Fisher Price. The 'Intellitainer' was a great buy. I purchased it at Walmart in Canada on sale for $64.99, Regular price was $99.97

The Intellitainer is stationery, so there are no safety issues to that of a Walker.

It is recommended for ages 3 months and up, but realistically if your child doesnt have adequate head control by then, you'll need to wait a little longer. The seat itself is adjustable by a strap underneath according to baby's height. The seat moves along a plastic track, and easily swivels completly around, so baby is able to play with everything the Intellitainer has to offer. This type of seat promotes leg strength for future crawlers and walkers. The fabric of the seat is easily cleaned. It is removed from the plastic base and put into a regular washing machine. It can be dried in a tumble dry cycle but I hung it to dry to avoid any shrinking.
This product has a variety of features to keep your little one busy and learning.

When turned on, with the flick of a switch to the right, you have, on one side, nursery rhymes (when pages of the plastic book are flipped, words available to sing along to) that are sung, while the nursery rhyme is playing, different colored lights go off, going off to the beat of the song, a school bus the baby is able to easily push back and forth (fun noise included to capture their attention) with a rolling piece in the middle of the school bus your baby can swat at to make roll and trigger music promoting number counting, numbers visually included to count along from 1 to 10. There are 3 alphabet buttons that light up when pushed as well as saying the letter clearly for baby to learn.

When you flick the same switch to the left, you will get the nursery rhymes spoken rather than sung. The numbers are more spoken then sung and your baby can push a plastic drum or trumpet and learn the words 'Down' 'Up' etc as well as understanding the general meaning of both in regards to noise (Up being higher pitched and louder, Down being lower pitched and quieter)
There is also a larger plastic rolling piece which, when rolled, plays other songs such as Ba Ba Black Sheep, etc.

The other side of the Intellitainer has plastic, colored, gears attached that are easily moved by your baby making a loud noises to captivate your child. There is also a rotating plastic piece above the gears that on one side is mirrored for baby to see themselves and when swatted rotates and is a picture of a number clock, to help promote telling time. There is also a large rattle with little plastic pieces inside that when shaken makes a loud noise to hold baby's attention.

The front of the Intellitainer, has 3 items hanging down within reach of your baby. There is a plastic bell that when shaken makes a bell noise, a plastic apple that turns and a plastic piece that has shapes attached that move up and down.

Both my children love it still at 7 months.

Some things I didnt like so much about this product are as follows:

It is quite large and takes up a fair amount of space, you really need to have a large area available for this exersaucer.

The fabric on the seat is not easy to remove, if you are needing to wash it. It's quite tricky and I had to refer to the instruction manual a number of times to figure out how to remove it.
After the fabric seat had been washed, it was a task trying to get it back onto the plastic seat area, properly. It took me 3 tries to line everything up so the leg holes were properly positioned so both of the babies legs were equally on the floor.

There is no bottom on the Intellitainer, so your baby's feet are right on the carpet or whatever type of floor you have the Intellitainer on. Our living room carpet is quite coarse and I had to put a soft blanket underneath the Intellitainer to protect 'unsocked' bare feet.

My babies like to eat their Mum Mum cookies while in the Intellitainer and it has caused a bit of a problem. The speaker for all the wonderful music and spoken words this product provides is shielded by inch wide slits in the plastic near the plastic nursery rhyme book, the slits are wide enough to allow fairly large crumbs to get in there and bounce around whenever the speaker is in use. This causes a distorted sound. It was a bit of a hassle to get the crumbs out, so I suggest not allowing your child to eat or drink anything while in the Intellitainer.

We tried to disassemble our Intellitainer to take on a trip with us, as our babies love it, but after 2 hours of frustration, we were unable to get a single piece detached. I haven't investigated further into why this is as I dont have the amount of time to dedicate, as it appears it will require, to take the Intellitainer apart.

Other than that, I think its a good investment and if you have the space for it, I completely recommend purchasing this product

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 64.97
Type of Toy: Educational
Age Range of Child: 0 to 12 Months

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