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Fisher-Price T2518 Newborn-To-Toddler (27084884524)

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Great product for little ones

Mar 13, 2007 (Updated May 27, 2008)
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Pros:Safe for newborns and even older premies, Prevents spit-ups, Light, easy to move

Cons:Seem cheap, all plastic,needs batteries often if left on vibrate overnight

The Bottom Line: See like a comfortable seat for babies, not so sure about toddlers

We bought ours at Sears here in Canada. $55 CAD on sale.

Updated 16 April 2007 (see bottom)
Updated again 27 May 2008 (see very bottom)

Our premature twins were born at the beginning of February, and the literature from the hospital indicted a long list of "do and don't" products. One of the "do" products were chairs.

I hadn't thought to actually try anything of the sort so early with my little ones, but my son was having some pretty harsh digestive problems and would spit up (if not vomit) if put down even an hour after eating. Thus we decided to try the chair to allow them to sleep semi-upright.


Although some assembly is required, it's really not very complicated at all. One screwdriver, 15 minutes (ish) and you're done. I can't say the instructions are super-great, but it's not complicated to figure out.

Apparent quality:

This entire thing is made of plastic. If you're an Ikea person or into heirloom furniture, this thing will offend you on general principal. On the other hand, if you don't mind plastic you will notice that it is fairly sturdy and seems not to be a risk. It is also very light and easy to carry, so I will often move the kids from one room to another *in* the chair.

Child comfort:

My kids are only a few weeks old, so I can't say what it'll be like for a toddler, but for my kids they are as happy (if not happier) sleeping in their chair rather than in their cribs.

Vibration system:

This has a built in vibration system that fits in the front of the seat and functions off a single D cell battery. The battery will last a fairly long time, and the vibration is usually well received by the kids when they are fussy. It's not too noisy, but occasionally if the battery is put in loose it will vibrate off the battery housing and rattle, but it is easy to fix by adjusting the battery. If you check it when you replace the battery, you can prevent this.

Included toys:

The toys seem relatively decent quality and study enough. My kids are too young to really appreciate them yet, so I can't comment on that.

Update May 2008 re. toys: our kids really likes the toy arm that holds the hanging toy, and frequently tugged on the bee that makes the electronic noise/song. They also liked the yellow bird rattle that snaps into the side of the chair.


I think the best endorsement I can give is that we bought one to try with our twins, and within a week I was ordering another one so both could use them at once :)


Sleeping in the chairs and head/neck position, sorta a no-no...

First off, having had the kids sleeping in these chairs most days for a month, I have realized that they need more head/neck support in order to develop good posture. Otherwise they end up leaning over to one side and developing a decided preference for that posture (my son almost always leans his head to the right, so we have to correct that). Also, I failed to read the manual closely and didn't realize that the "Newborn" posture in fact requires the buckle at the top be disconnected, lowering the head position somewhat. Maybe being *too* upright too early lead to the leaning to one side, dunno...

Finally, for the record, although we've been using them as places to sleep temporarily due to reflux, we've now been cautioned by nurses and our physiotherapist that they are not for long-term sleeping use and do not substitute for a crib with a firm mattress. If reflux is bad enough they have to always sleep semi-upright, see your doctor and consider installing mattress wedges or elevating one side of your crib 30 degrees.

Update May 2008

Well, I much as our kids liked them when younger, these chairs are pretty much gathering dust at the moment. From 13 months to their current 16 months they've been much too squirmy. On one memorable (if scary) occasion, my oversized son (32 inches and 29 lbs at 15 months) managed, by leaning forward strenuously, to tip the chair over forward. Since he was obviously expecting it, he fortunately landed on his hands, but it was very disconcerting to hear him laughing and look down to see him face down on the ground still strapped into the three point restraints of the now-upside-down chair.

On the hopeful side, i have seen their older cousin sit in it like a bit of a chair, so perhaps when our kids are out of the "climbing and flipping" stage they may use these again. To be honest, though, I'm not sure if they will, making me wonder if these are any better purchase than a bouncer chair...

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