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Fisher-Price T2518 Newborn-To-Toddler (27084884524)

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It was great for feeding!

Mar 16, 2008 (Updated Mar 18, 2008)
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Pros:compact, great for feeding

Cons:does not fold well, not machine washable as stated

The Bottom Line: it was a good chair for the purposes it was intended but be sure to keep a screw driver handy! i'm sure you'll need it!

I bought this chair after my bouncy chair broke about 3 weeks after my youngest was born, i bought this one since it was good for up to 40lbs and i have an older daughter at home who i was sure would love to give as many things of her baby sisters a whirl as she could..

Got it home, put it together, (took about 15 minutes, the instructions were not that helpful) used it quite a bit in the first few months, until i noticed that i constantly had to re tighten the screws because the vibration was to strong and was vibrating them loose! so i stopped using it until we were waiting to buy a highchair and had just started solid foods, it worked wonderful for that purpose....and then came the washer

on the box and in the instructions it said it was machine washable...DO NOT DO THIS!! i washed it ONCE on a gentle cycle and when i pulled it out of the washer it had ripped and i did not feel safe using it, i called fisher price and they sent me a new one. which was great

it has now been put away since neither of our girls seem very interested in it, and gets pulled out now and again if some interest is showed for it (ie when they see another baby in one the same heh)

And the batteries last forever!

I was asked to expand a bit more on this product :)

For size wise i don't know the exact dimensions, and they aren't on the web site awesome lol... But i wouldn't say it is bigger then any other bouncy chair.

The age range of this is newborn to toddler, I've seen 6.5 lbs babies in it, (my own lol) and my 5 year old would still fit it, it's good till 40lbs.

I would say that there are many good points to the chair, 1. such as the fact it can be stationary or rocking but the rocking doesn't happen easy for a baby and it's not easy to foot rock it unless you want your foot on the top of the chair... so the only other option is using your hands, and really...what do we have bouncy chairs for? to occupy baby so we can do other things right? As well that 2. it has an option to recline or be more upright. Which is great when baby gets a bit older and wants to look around

The only thing that made me dislike it was the fact that it didn't have a 5 point harness (i read someone say that there was a 5 point harness on theirs, i don't think they have that in canada) and the fact that the screws were constantly coming loose...ALL over the chair, from the very strong vibration... and also the way it didn't have a way to secure the legs when it folds up so they were flopping everywhere, making it not truely portable as it stated...

and the machine washing thing... which i stated above

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