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Fisher-Price T2518 Newborn-To-Toddler (27084884524)

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Aug 9, 2008
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Pros:easy to use, comfortable


The Bottom Line: The Bottom Line is this really is a "grow with you" rocker.

When the 3rd child came along we realized we were needing a few more seating options for our family room. We had a Fisher-Price rocker when our son was young but that was 7 or so years ago, and it wasn't something we held on to. We went looking for something similar since we enjoyed what we had used before, and my husband found the Fisher-Price Newborn To Toddler Rocker at a local baby store for around $40.00.

This rocker was close to their Infant to Toddler Rocker we had used before, but with a few updated features. This rocker is a fabric chair fitted over a low seated plastic frame. It's designed to be used in a few different positions and to "grow" with your child. That's one of the reasons we purchased it! It's also designed to take up less room and to be small and portable - another reason why we purchased it.

From the company:

"It starts out as an infant seat or rocker with a low-profile frame, very appropriate for newborns. Then, as your child grows, you can easily convert this portable rocker to an infant seat to add interactive toy play. Then, make it a toddler rocker. Flip out the kickstand to convert it from a rocker to a stationary seat for older babies or toddlers. The Newborn-to-Toddler Portable Rocker folds easily and has a built-in handle, so it can go wherever you and baby do! Requires 1 “D” alkaline battery (not included). Rocker includes 2 button-cell batteries for dog toy.

Maximum Weight: 40 lbs. (18 kg)"

The Fisher-Price Newborn To Toddler Rocker first got used as our baby had good neck control and started jarred foods, so at about 5-6 months, as she outgrew a traditional infant bouncer. We would strap the baby in and use to just keep her seated and safe, play with toys, and sit with her siblings without being picked up, dragged around, or pawed all over. (they were 2 years and 7 years at the time) Also we used this rocker for many feeding times - it was easy to strap our daughter in and sit next to her on the floor and feed her jarred foods. This rocker was the one thing we always made sure we took with us on vacations - as it was small, foldable, and easy to set up in hotel rooms. It also gave us a really easy way to feed her when away from home!

The Fisher-Price Newborn To Toddler Rocker comes with a toy bar complete with a few toys to pull on and look at. Our daughter never minded these toys, but never took a special liking to them. The bar swings out from the side, so it can easily be pushed out of the way. Additionally it can pop off and be removed - which is generally how it was in our house. This also comes with a vibration feature which is very soothing for many infants, and was to our child. Some times sitting in this chair with the vibrations on was the only way she'd fall asleep! The rocker also has 2 levels of positions - a more reclining one and an upright one. These are easily moved by pushing large red buttons on the back legs on the base.

Our daughter always seemed very comfortable in this and from 5 months until almost 1 year this was her daily seat of choice. As she started crawling and getting around more though she hates being strapped in this chair, however she will crawl up to it, pull to stand, and climb into the seat. The problem is she hasn't figured out how to get out! This toy has really grown with us, and great for multiple children. Our daughter has a 20 month older sister, who is now almost 3. She can sit in this chair easily as well and often we find her taking it away from her younger sister.

The only concern at all we've had with this chair is that the recline buttons are really easy to push! Our 2 year old knows how to activate them and often pushes our baby daughter into a different position on her own!

The Fisher-Price Newborn To Toddler Rocker really is a great item to have on a newborn's registry or baby list. It's vibrant colors and cute, colorful, musical toys can be a hit with small ones. The vibrations are often very soothing. And having a small, easy to use, portable seat is a neccesity in this day and age.

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