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If a 'Fisherman's Friend' is too strong, your throat is not that sore.

Jul 1, 2001
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Pros:Separates the men and women from the wusses

Cons:Won't work on wusses

The Bottom Line: It's time to grow up, and admit that 'Halls' et al make good candy.

Really. Except I keep using these as breath mints, so I've got problems when the next sore throat rolls around. (Factoid: Canadians prefer stronger mints than Americans. You know those 'cold air fronts' that keep coming down and hitting you, from Canada? Okay, we got them at the start, so are used to frozen mouths. Or something like that.)

People not interested in quite so strong a throat lozenge should put their fears aside for the moment and try the sugar-free 'Fisherman's Friend' -- they're a soothing blue and not quite so harsh. They're also a little more mint and a little less... The regular variety is brown. Some people may be put off right there: it looks like a fibre supplement, and it's a fibre supplement that may have you seeing things through a haze of fumes if you're weird enough to chew the thing in seconds and breathe out. It is the 'cold front' in the cold medicine aisle, and no, that was not meant to be cute.

Primary objection: iffy packaging. This is suitable for men who exist with a wallet in their back pocket, and nothing else, except for a pack of these in the front when desired. If you have some sort of natural-disaster-preparation purse or backpack, it will sink to the bottom, and the paper package will mutilate itself amidst your key chain (which also holds a Mag-Lite, small Swiss Army knife, and church key[*]). You will find yourself using the flashlight to fish them out from the bottom of the bag. And, depending on your bag, still eating them. It's sort of like those pompous Macallan adverts, which tell you that it's okay if a fly lands in your whisky, and even the fly will be in fine shape: it is easy to get the idea in your head that they are so terribly strong that germs and other unpleasantry will have been repelled by, or killed, by a 'Fisherman's Friend.'

I have seen them in tins. Don't. 'Fisherman's Friend' lozenges were never meant to be upscaled, or forced to compete with that weakest of all mints, 'Altoids.'

They are a non-stop must-have for a serious sore throat (which see review title), with an added benefit: those of you who find that being sick means an icky taste in the mouth will enjoy these just for the numbed taste buds and -- I have to assume nobody has found a good way to market this sort of thing -- freedom from that smelly, phlegmy taste in your mouth when ill.

Meaning they are also boffo breath mints. Unlike the pathetic 'Altoid,' the 'Fisherman's Friend' will slowly dissolve away into better breath, and, eventually, nothing. Most all sugared breath mints will leave your breath worse after you've finished with the dratted thing, since the sugar will invariably linger longer than the mint.

Well recommended, particularly for couples with one half suffering 'icky breath and taste because I am ill syndrome.' And excellent for the mintmaniac. We'll be recognised eventually, and thank 'chileheads' for blazing that particular trail...

[*] Bottle opener

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