Fiskars 92405935 Telescoping Pruning Stik (FSK92405935) Reviews
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Fiskars 92405935 Telescoping Pruning Stik (FSK92405935)

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Prune high branches without a ladder.

Nov 1, 2006 (Updated Mar 18, 2008)
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Pros:Easy to use and stores out of the way.


The Bottom Line: Has many uses.

When you own a home, you have specific gardening tools to help you maintain the outside of your property. There are many types, sizes and styles of pruners. Each property owner's needs vary. My pruners are for trimming miniature rose bushes, climbing rose bushes, various bushes and tree branches.

Trimming tree branches can require many types of tools depending on the height and thickness of the branch or suckers to be trimmed. I like to keep my trees from growing uneven and without any form or shape. I feel trimming trees around my property is a very important task. I evaluate each tree for broken, diseased, dead, storm and wind damaged for removal. Sometimes I remove a perfectly well branch that may be unsafe in the future such as growing near a house causing rodents/small animals to find a way into your attic.

In many instances reaching to do an outdoor chore requires a ladder. A 2 story home requires a huge ladder. I'm afraid of heights. Whenever my husband had to use the ladder, he always asked me to stand by the ladder. Hmmm, I was hoping he wasn't thinking I would be able to catch him in a fall, (pausing to wipe tears....I miss him terribly). For larger jobs he would call a tree expert to reach and trim larger branches that were a hazard to neighbors or our own property.

I wanted to trim a holly tree that had a uneven growth which was higher than I could reach with a small pruner and decided to give this Telescoping Tree Pruner a try. It did not feel too heavy and didn't need a manual to use. The pictures on the back of the cardboard which has a hole for hanging up has illustrations on how to use it and make adjustments.

The picture on the cardboard packaging showed a woman using it so I figured it must be ok for me to use.

This pruner is around 6 pounds and is about 7 feet long when not extended. It has 2 adjustments. Halfway up you can pull out to extend up to 13 feet. The pruner which is 4 inches can be rotated 240 degrees for a position of the cutting angle. The tension can be adjusted by loosening the strap and making a new knot on the proper tension length. The pruner opens and closes with a small chain which is not fully exposed.

The QuickRelease lock lever goes up to extend the pruner to the maximum length of 13 feet or less and then press down to securely lock in place.

FISKARS Telescoping Pruning Stick Tree Pruner model 9240
~ Easy to use PowerStroke cutting action
~ Multi-position cutting head
~ Bypass blade cutting capacity of 1 1/4"
~ Stainless steel hook resists rust
~ Pole features QuickRelease lock
~ Limited Lifetime Warranty
~ 30% lighter than a standard tree trimmer
~ Comfortable pull stroke action makes cutting easy without ropes
~ 15" saw blade attachment

The saw is extremely sharp and can be used if cutting larger than 2" branches. You need to remove the pruner and follow the 4 steps on how to attach it. The blade cuts on pull stroke to eliminate binding. I haven't had the need to use it yet and may never use it, but it's there for future need and is nice to have since many times a product is discontinued and parts may no longer be available for a particular model.

I've used this telescoping pruner myself and find it easy to use. I hold it with 2 hands and place my right hand on the orange hand rest. When I've positioned the pruner on the branch I wish to cut, I pull down on the orange part of the handle and the branch cuts evenly and without using any force. I was amazed at how easy it was for me to use.

This may seem awkward to store, but I have resting on brackets over the extension ladder in the garage wall. This makes it easy to reach and put away. I know it will not accidentally fall on anything or anyone since I've stored it horizontally on a wall no one goes by.

On an occasion, I've used this Telescoping Stick to knock down a bee hive which I had to take care of on the second level of my house after spraying it to kill all in the hive. I couldn't find anything long enough to reach the hive and this came in handy for that purpose since it's sturdy and was the only thing long enough to reach that height.

While checking online for availability, I did see the prices may vary by store but should be around $100. This can be purchased where Fiskars products are sold. The website does not show this product fully extended and in use. You can check other sites if you wish to see other images. They have other models which are cheaper. If you are thinking of buying this pruner, it must say it can extend to 13 feet.

CAUTION! Keep hands clear of cutting blades.

Garden Tools & Accessories
780 Carolina Street
Sauk City, WI 53583 USA

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
(My thanks to gamblin_man for adding this Fiskars garden tool to the database)

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