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Fiskars Post Hole Digger #9653 (046561196530)

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Who put that dirt in my hole.

Aug 16, 2008 (Updated Aug 16, 2008)
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Pros:Digs through tough clay soil, well designed handles allows deeper digging and easier on hands.

Cons:Somewhat expensive and slightly heavy.

The Bottom Line: If you need to dig holes through tough soil and don't mind spending over $60 on a post hole digger you cannot go wrong with the Fiskars Post Hole Digger.

Under my first couple inches of topsoil is a layer of solid clay. This makes it very difficult to get most plants and trees to grow. For the last several years I have started using more organic methods in my yard and this has helped considerably, but I still needed more drainage.

The owner of my local nursery suggested I dig a hole in a low part of my yard deep enough to get through the clay and then fill it with sand or gravel. I originally bought the cheapest post hole digger available and it did well on the first 3 inches of soil, but couldn’t get through the clay at all.

The Fiskars Post Hole digger was wonderful. I purchased it at my local Home Deport for about $65. It was a good bit more expensive than the standard post hole digger, but it had no problem digging in even the thickest clay. I quickly dug a hole a little more than 4 feet deep. Unfortunately, I never did get all the way through the clay, but it was not the fault of this tool.

What is it

Well, it’s a post hole digger, it digs round holes for posts. This post hold digger is a beast at 5’ tall and weighing about 12 lbs. The blades on it are made of 14-gauge hardened steel, they open approximately 6”, and were already nice and sharp when I purchased it

The handles are somewhat offset unlike a traditional post hole digger. This let me dig through the tough clay without my fingers and knuckles slamming into each other. The offset handles also let me dig a deeper hole than I could have with a cheaper post hole digger. I never got to verify this though, since the other post hole digger I had could not get any deeper than about 4”.

What I liked

This felt like a well made tool the second I put it in my hands, especially when compared to the much cheaper post hold digger. The sharp steel blades easily cut into the clay. It obviously did not dig into the clay like it did the topsoil, but I was always able to get at least 2 or 3 deep inches into the compacted clay with each stroke. The cheap post hole digger would only scrape the surface and was never strong or sharp enough to actually penetrate the hard clay.

The offset handles also made it so much easier to dig and allowed me to dig deeper. Not to mention preventing the wear and tear on my fingers and knuckles. The product claims to dig a 4’ deep hole, and I can say I have dug slightly deeper than that with this tool.


This is a good bit heavier than traditional post hole diggers. If you have a lot of holes to dig, I could see using this post hole digger becoming quite tiring. If you have thick clay or somewhat rocky soil a cheaper and lighter post hole digger would still require a lot more actual work, though.

The cheap post hole diggers cost around $15 at home depot. This is $50 cheaper than what I paid for this one. The Fiskars is expensive, but if you have tough soil to get through I wouldn’t use anything else. If on the other hand you do not need to dig many holes and your soil is sandy or soft I would just buy the cheaper post hole digger.


This is a great post hole digger that will get through the toughest clay soil. The offset handles allowed me to dig deeper and without the fear of my hands banging together while I dug. It is slightly heavy, but the extra weight helped me sinking it into the thick clay in my backyard. The offset handles allowed me to dig deeper than a traditional post hole digger and kept my hands from banging together while using it.

This is not a cheap tool as far as post hole diggers go and I wouldn’t spend extra money if you only need it for some light hole digging in soft soil. If you need to get through rocky or clay soil or if you are just going to be digging a lot of holes I can easily recommend this product.

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