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Fiskars Power-Lever Anvil Pruner 9110 (046561161101)

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Not All Hand Pruners Are Created Equal

Apr 2, 2007
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Pros:Comfortable handle, easy to clean, good quality blade

Cons:Lacks response, poor spring action, safety lock frequently relocked while in use

The Bottom Line: These pruners cut and would work for infrequent pruning projects, but the poor spring action and loose safety lock was annoying and added extra work to a two hour project.

Spring drifted into my part of the country this week and woke up my garden. Yikes, everything is growing and a lot of last season's woody growth remains. At the start of the day my Autumn Joy sedum still had stalks and dry flower heads (they provided some winter interest), late-blooming perennials had old growth, and some lily stalks remained. All needed to disappear before surrounding plants and new growth made it difficult to reach these plants. It was time for a pruner of mass destruction.

Someone gave me the Fiskars Power-Lever Anvil Pruner 9110 at the end of last season. I like the sound of any tool that claims “power.” I've had it sitting with my favorite pruners wondering if it would ever go to work. Today seemed like the perfect opportunity to exercise this little pruner. It won't return to work in my yard, except as a backup.

As with everything in life, there are choices to be made. Pruners vary, depending upon the needs. By-pass pruners are used for deadheading flowers, pruning roses, and cutting live plant material. Anvil pruners are used for removing dead twigs and shoots on woody plants. Every gardener should have one of each, as well as some loppers for larger branches and shoots. Today was an anvil day.

There are features that I expect in good pruners: power, tight spring with a quick response, comfortable handle, sharp blade, easy to clean, and dependable construction. These pruners cut twigs and small branches up to 5/8 inches in diameter.

Today's task involved repetitious, one-handed cutting while gathering cut stems with the non-cutting hand. The blade was sharp enough for these dead, dry stems. I don’t know about other gardeners, but I like it when my pruners spring open after the cut and it’s eager and ready for the next cut. What happened with these Fiskars was the enclosed spring did not reopen the pruners. I had to manually reopen the pruners and flick it open with my fingers while holding the pruner. This act was not only annoying, but began tiring my hand. It acted like the spring was dirty so I checked—it wasn’t. It took me more than two hours to prune away this plant debris, a task that became difficult, especially with the other hand occupied. My other complaint was with the safety lock continually relocking. A small screw holds the lock in place and I thought perhaps it just needed tightening. Tightening didn’t make a difference. The lock fell back into the “locked position” every three or four cuts. Argh! But because I was lazy and really wanted to give these pruners a chance I didn't go inside for my favorite mass destruction tools.

I found the cutting action spongy. The power and response was lacking. The dual layer grips were comfortable and I had no problem with plant material sticking to the coated blade. The blade is carbon steel and can be sharpened if necessary, but I doubt it’s going to get that much use. I wanted to like this pruner, after all it was a gift, and I’ve read so many good comments from others about the quality of the Fiskars Power-Lever Anvil Pruner. Fiskars has always been good to me, but this is my first outdoor product from the scissor company, and I’m afraid it was disappointing.

My preferred tool for pruning last season's dead plant material got a rest today, and today only. Corona Pruner

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