Hair One vs. Wen

May 6, 2011
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This product no doubt, was created because of the success of WEN.I've been using Wen for nearly 3 years. I have medium length, naturally wavy/loose curly hair. I had searched for YEARS for the product(s) that would take away frizz but leave my hair soft. I found WEN and LOVED it. I've been loyal since trying it.  BUT it's expensive, and I've backed down my orders to the absolute minimum to save $ and thought I should do some research and found Hair One from Sally's. I bought the Tea Tree, and the Jojoba. The bottles are smaller, so be careful when price comparing. Also, the textures is NOT the same. Feels more greasy and stays on my hands, accidental drops in the shower/tub do not dissolve quickly. I thought it would stay on the hair. However, my hair feels more  like it was washed with shampoo (meaning it felt more stripped) than with Wen.I don't like the way either brand is packaged as they're hard plastic for a THICK product so the last 15% does NOT come out of either bottle, although Sally's pump seemed to do a bit better.
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