Flex Stem Gas Lighter (BERNZOMATIC019593FLEXSTEM)

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Bernzomatic Excellent Butane Lighter

Dec 3, 2007 (Updated Dec 3, 2007)
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Pros:Convenient lighter for hard-to-get-at wicks

Cons:As with all lighters keep away from children

The Bottom Line: Inexpensive and well-built plus the excellent return policy.

This handy little item is a gas (butane) lighter that can be used to light propane stoves on the deck or patio and candles whose wicks are hard to access. Since there is no image on the Epinions page, the first order of business is to get a picture of what this thing looks like. The first link is the Bernzomatic site which will give you an excellent picture of the lighter plus several images of how it can be used plus the stores where it can be purchased. Copy and paste the following link


The second link is the image at Amazon and how the lighter might be packaged if you were looking for it in a store although my package was slightly different.


The lighter comes with an extra bottle of butane that can be used to refill the lighter.

About a year ago I bought one to light the many candles around our house at the holiday time of year. Many candles have almost inaccessible wicks (many Yankee candles in glass jars) and some candles don’t quite burn all the wax and after several hours the wick digs itself into a hole. This lighter is quite handy for lighting candles like these.

In the summertime I use it to light the propane gas grill on my deck. It is possible to insert the lighter straight through the grill itself (see the image at the first link above) or to insert the lighter through a hole in the grill where the propane enters the nozzles. In either case the lighter is quite convenient.

Bernzomatic also has a page at their website giving very specific instructions on the use of butane lighters and other similar equipment. The link is


I think the following comment is most valuable for any person who buys this product. After several months of use the lighter ceased to work. The consumer is warned that under no circumstances should you try to repair the lighter. I thought about just throwing it in the trash (it didn’t cost much) but it still had a half a tank of butane (there is a visible gauge on the handle) so I was reluctant to send it to a landfill. I couldn’t remember where I bought it and I certainly didn’t have a receipt for a return. I looked up the toll-free number of Bernzomatic (800-654-9011), called the company and started to explain the problem. I was delighted to hear that I could return it to Wal-mart and they would give me a new one—no questions asked which is exactly what I did.

Congratulations to Bernzomatic and Wal-mart.

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