Folgers Coffee, Classic Roast, 100% Pure Instant - 16 oz ( ) (Folgers) Reviews

Folgers Coffee, Classic Roast, 100% Pure Instant - 16 oz ( ) (Folgers)

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Folger's Classic Roast Instant: Did Someone Forget the Coffee?

Mar 3, 2011 (Updated Mar 3, 2011)
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Pros:Provides caffeine; Quick to prepare

Cons:Forgettable flavor; Little or no roasted taste

The Bottom Line: This is a weak coffee product and it should be avoided.

I never liked coffee in my younger days. I could appreciate the lift provided by the caffeine, but I didn't like the bitter and often foul taste of most every coffee produced at the time. Today, things have changed and coffee is vastly improved but there are still some of those nasty products on the store shelves that still manage to sell and one of them is Folger's Classic Roast Instant Coffee, a quick brew.
Coffee Facts and Figures:

Folger's Classic Roast Instant Coffee is a basic instant coffee sold in a see- through jar. The coffee itself is dark brown and it takes very little to brew a cup. All you need to do is add a rounded teaspoon to a cup and pour six ounces of boiling water on top. Stir until dissolved, and the coffee is ready to drink.

Folger's Classic Roast Instant Coffee is recommended as a product to be served hot. There is a very light aroma with this coffee (both in the package and after brewing) and very little real coffee taste. The flavors present include burnt twigs and very light roast.


Folger's Classic Roast Instant Coffee is made from 100% pure coffee

Final Thoughts:
Folger's Classic Roast Instant Coffee is a quick, easy to prepare coffee product made by one of the best- known names in coffee. Folger's coffee is the first brand I ever tasted- the result of sneaking a sip from my dad's coffee mug more than thirty years ago. I didn't like the taste back then and I have avoided Folger's coffee products ever since. I only settle for Folger's when nothing better is available.

Now we find ourselves in the twenty- first century, surrounded by quality coffee and unique flavors. So, has Folger's joined the bandwagon and improved its coffee? I'm afraid the answer is no, and Folger's Classic Roast Instant Coffee is a sure testament to my assertion. Actually, most of the products in the Folger's lineup are no better than the products of old and it is a great disappointment when you consider the number of quality brands and the fact that Folger's has the financial capital to improve, but is too stubborn to do so.

Anyway, back to Folger's Classic Roast Instant Coffee. This product is worse than the drip- grind Folger's coffees and even though I don't expect much from an instant coffee, I was still quite disappointed when drank a cup of this coffee for the first time in many years. The main problem with this instant coffee is the lack of much flavor. The title of the coffee is "classic roast" but there is little actual roasty flavor in the brew. I found the taste artificial and chemical- like. It just doesn't taste the way coffee should taste. I realize it is instant coffee and less should be expected, but there are other instants far more flavorful than this.

Does Folger's Classic Roast Instant Coffee have any redeeming qualities? I can think of two: It contains caffeine and it is generally fast to prepare, one cup at a time. This is good news for those who need a fast caffeine fix but cannot afford to wait for a small pot of drip coffee to brew. With Folger's Classic Roast Instant Coffee, you just heat a single cup of water (microwaved is the fastest) and add it to the coffee. In moments, you have your caffeine fix and can go about your day.

Folger's Classic Roast Instant Coffee isn't the absolute worst instant coffee I have ever tasted but it is certainly below average and very disappointing. I suppose it could be doctored up with cream and sugar and it does offer a good dose of caffeine in each cup. But a good cup of coffee should not need any accompaniments and the fact that Folger's Classic Roast Instant Coffee needs the aid of cream and sugar leads to my rating of two- stars and a non- recommendation.

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