D.C. Jarvis M.D. - Folk Medicine

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Vermont's guide to better living through folk medicine

Jan 16, 2008
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Pros:Very informative, even if you're not a "vermonter"

Cons:Consult doctor first before relying on anything.

The Bottom Line: i would recommend solely on the fact that some of these remedies still work today.

Two words than usually define a "short cut" or "nature's way" of either pre-healing, healing, or medicating a person through ordinary substances through either everyday household items, or home-grown medicinal herbs. As mainline society draws back on the notion that Folk Medicine is nothing more than a "poor man's" remedy, or "backwoods medicine", Dr. Jarvis explains not only what your body actually needs in medical terms, but uses everyday items to fulfill the balance that your body needs.

D.C. Jarvis, M.D.;
A fifth generation Vermonter, (on his mother's side), with a degree from Burlington, Dr. Jarvis took on the role to study Vermont folk medicine, recognizing it as not a substitute, but another type of medicine. Dr. Jarvis at the time, was specializing in eye, ear, nose, and throat, continued to study the bodie's Alkaline balance, as well as the other acids produced through our body, and realized the balance can be easily fixed through honey, oils, vinegar, and other simple ingredients we often use around the house. He not only describes the real-life stories behind his own findings, but the dosages, hypothesis, and outcome in each of the scenarios. Usually the symptoms involve the body,(whether animal, as well as man), involve an important ingredient missing. Dr. Jarvis' medical experience is shown through proper explanations of why the subject referred to, is healed, (or fixed). He Isn't a "backwoods doctor", but a professional with the ability to explain why your body could do better with the simplest of oils and honey; A doctor who tells of nature's secrets to a healthier living through the consumption of honey, apple cider, vinegar and other foods of importance.This book describes in detail of not just anyone, but Vermont's own; their accounts, and nearly "ancient" home remedies, which, to this day, still work. This is an overall short summary of what is in the book:

Chapter 1
Basically The doctor is taking you to define why and when humans started using medicines. how we watched animals treat themselves eating certain plants, to how we define Folk medicine in general.

Chapter 2
Vermont Life and Thier Lifespan
This chapter tells of the average life span of not only man in general, but animals that life in Vermont, how the weather changes our lifespan, and how you could possibly prolong your life by doing simple things like closing the windows at night, taking honey, etc..

Chapter 3
The Animal Laws
Why animals act the way they do to preserve their health and their habits. Dr. Jarvis explains why we should look at the animal kingdom a little closer than we usually do, (as humans) to take better care of ourselves.

Chapter 4
Your Beginning
Explains the changes we go through before we are even conceived, up to the time we are born. the chemical changes that make us who we are, and the reason why it's important to look into the balance of acids in our body at the earliest convenience.

Chapter 5
Your Racial Pattern and Vermont folk Medicine
Why humans should not take a certain diet as a whole. this chapter explains why someone living in a different geographical area should have a diet different than Vermont's. Explains what type would be best for you, according to your own traits,(i.e. why a person living in a Nordic "human house" would eat a diet not consisting of wheats and white sugar). this was by far, the most interesting chapter I read, very informative in research on humans in different regions.

Chapter 6
The First Yardstick To Your Health
Studies man and beasts' urine-to-alkaline balance. Gives interesting discussion and experiment of how urine can determine our body's balance.

Chapter 7
The Instints of Childhood
This chapter starts off describing the habits of children, but unexpectantly, heads in a different subject altogether. Dr. Jarvis starts pulling out information and facts about the values and flavors of trees and plants, (i.e Beechnut trees taste bitter, Chervil is an aromic plant, etc...). this should've been set in it's own different chapter.

Chapter 8
Potassium and it's Uses
The study and stories,(once again from the explanations of man and beast), of why we need potasssium. Everything from being overweight, high blood pressure, Chronic headaches,and even Dizziness. This chapter has a great description of the symptoms of potassium usage, whether low or high. This is one of the longer chapters, but most informative, even shows an analysis through graph.

Chapter 9
The Usefulness of Honey
My favorite chapter. This describes why you should replace sugar with honey and it's overall usefullness for your body. It Gives a small detail of history in honey. did you know bacteria cannot live in the presence of honey? Great explanation of why honey derives itself from most of the important ingredients and elements your body needs, just by resourcing it's ingrdients the soil up. Great remedies in this chapter too.
Chapter 10
The Usefulness of Kelp
The keen observation of how every mineral of life is kept on the oceans floor and how we can source this accumulation for our bodies through kelp.

Chapter 11
The Importance of Iodine
The study of the three R's; Resistance, Repair, and Recovery*,(see star below). An Analysis of what iodine does to your body. Your Glands and Iodine and 17th century finds on this remarkable feature. Also gives us a synopsis of dogs with iodine experiments as well as horses.

Chapter 12
Caster Oil and Corn Oil
Those oils and their action to the skin. The studies and effects of the acids produced in these oils and a numeric fact sheet. Very informative information pertaining to your body and these oils.

Chapter 13
Medical reasoning Behind Vermont Folk Medicine
Very short chapter of why Vermonters came up with their certain ways in their medicine. Why weather and temperature changes are studied by Vermonters.
Chapter 14
Split into three Appendices, this is by far the longest to read. Information, graphs, and overall descriptions of animals and man. Further studies on the uses of apple cider, and medicine beverages.

*= after reading and studying this book for review, I have come to realize that these three words basically describe what Dr. Jarvis is acually writing for.

Considering the fact that this book was in copy as early as nearly 50 years ago, some of the "ageless" medicines are still effective. This is not to say that medicine has not taken a step up since this book was published. There are modern remedies that take shape as nothing simpler than taking pills, but in reference to this, I personally, am not a doctor. In no way would I take, (or prescribe), the information from this book and tell you that this IS the way to go. This book has yet to be challenged, (or debated), since it was first published, but taking into consideration, you should first see a qualified doctor before you start experimenting on your intake of such remedies.

This is a rather old book that also talks about prevention as well as medicating. You should always consult a doctor or physician before relying on ANY book. The book is definately an eye-opener, but with every symptom out there to determine what you are "self-diagnosed" as, it's easy to pre-determine that you are sick, or needing a mineral or substance in your diet, in which, you might not.

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Folk Medicine by D. C. Jarvis

Folk Medicine by D. C. Jarvis

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