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Fonseca Serie F Robusto

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Fonseca Series F: Powerful Fun

Dec 28, 2009
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Pros:Full bodied, Delicious, Tobacco Quality

Cons:Smoke Volume Issues

The Bottom Line: This is a full bodied cigar you can enjoy, get a little kick, without any harshness.

A lot of Fonseca cigars are mild, and I often recommend them to beginners. The Fonseca name comes from a port in Cuba, and there's of course a Cuban counterpart in Havana that makes stogies as well. Thanks to the stupid embargo, of which makes me mad even thinking about it, you can't get the Cuban variety in the United States. Thankfully, the Dominican version is decent enough, and I like their subtle flavors and quality of tobaccos. Fonseca's aren't the darlings of those who want what is popular, but for those who have knowledge of them, they are appreciated for their taste and great price. You don't have to spend over $10 for a quality smoke, and when it comes to value, Fonseca's are hard to beat.

To a beginner, a regular cigar from this company would be perfect. Yet for those who enjoy a stronger smoke, they might be a bit disappointed with one of those. A F Series Robusto will turn your frown upside down, and offer you a bit of a kick in the pants. This is not a breakfast style of cigar, but rather a stogie you want after a big dinner, along with a Scotch that will put hair on your chest. The first time I had one of these, I was shocked that Fonseca would deliver such a robust full bodied cigar. Yet it was a pleasant surprise, as a buddy of mine had told me that it would be a bit different from their usual line of stogies.

This cigar's power is immediately noticed, because as you light it up, you will realize that its very strong. You will grasp the perfect amount of pepper, strong coffee, and chocolate finish. This complex cigar delivers notes of intensity that are hard to describe, and even with the strength, there's no bitterness. The quality of tobacco used in these is as excellent as their other cigars, and the age process that they use is second to none. I love the pepper infusion that is done with some delicacy compared to harsher cigars, and there's no aftertaste with these.

Cutting and lighting these is a breeze, as you can get fired up in under a minute. A little bit of cooling mellows this down a bit, and closer to the bottom of the cigar, I was able to detect that it becomes fairly mild. In a way, its a cigar that's best described as having a full dinner along with a light dessert. The construction is overall good, but I was a bit saddened to see some smoke volume issues. At points there were large amounts of volume with minimal pull, but during the middle of the cigar, the wrapper and filler might have been wrapped a bit too tight. Smoke volume was not as full during several spots, and the length of ash achieved was a bit below what I could get with their regular line.

Even with that minor disappointment, this is a really pretty cigar. Sure, its not the most aristocratic stogie out there, but it is attractive enough to have others wondering what you are smoking. I'm a fan of these and have them on occasion, because of their full bodied characteristics, and fine quality of tobaccos used. You can get one of these 5x52 sticks for around $5-$6, and it will provide you about an hour of smoking time. If you are looking for a full bodied cigar without harshness, this would be a fine selection. You can also save substantially if you buy a box of these rather than a few, because Fonseca is generous with those who buy in bulk.

Recommend this product? Yes

Cigar Name: F Robusto
Cigar Rating: Better than most
Price per cigar ($US): 5-6

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