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2005 Devun Walsh, Yes it has nice graphics, but the Performance is even better

Aug 1, 2005 (Updated Aug 1, 2005)
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Pros:Graphics, Slider System, Shape


The Bottom Line: A great all-around snowboard or one for freeriders.

The Forum Snowboard company has been through many changes between 2001 and 2005, this is really evidenced by a comparison between the two Forum Snowboards that I own. I currently own three snowboards, this 2005 Forum Devun Walsh, a 2001 Forum Peter Line, and a 2001 Morrow Truth. There is a huge technology gap between the 2001 Line and this 2005 Walsh.

First, between the years of manufacture, Forum built their own factory. The snowboards were previously manufactured at Elan's ski factory, and were heavy, low-tech, and in many cases poorly made. The snowboards were known for delaminating(when the topsheet of the snowboard starts peeling off), having defects, and the bases were of low quality. With their own factory, Forum uses higher quality materials and better workmanship.

One of the biggest changes is the core materials used in the boards. The older ones used full wood cores which were fairly heavy and weighed the board down. Now Forum used "x-lite rail" core. The result is a more durable board around the edges and is lighter in overall weight. Forum also uses a Sintered 4400 base for quicker glide and better durability. One unique thing about this base is the "dimples" in the base. The dimples are really small, about the size of a golf ball cover. The dimples are a little akward because after waxing the board a few times, the dimples are filled in, ending their effectiveness. After only a few rides, my 2001 Peter Line was beginning to delaminate, and I have ridden this board around 15 times already with no signs of delaminating.

Like almost any Forum snowboard, this board features a twin tip making riding regular or switch easier. For the first time, Forum snowboards feature both their "slider system" and 4x2 inserts. The slider system allows you to easily adjust you stance, I fell this is the superior and is on the board I purchased. The 4x2 inserts are for snowboarders who were critical of the slider system. You can find the 4x2 inserts on about 85% of other snowboards.

Devun Walsh is known for dominating in the difficult conditions of the backcountry. It makes a lot of sence that Devun would design his board to provide the best possible performance in the backcountry. This board is one of Forum's stiffest boards but still provides a generous amount of pop. I have ridden most of Forum's other 2005 boards, and this one feels the most sturdy and well built but still maintains a fairly light weight.

Well, this board really performs like I expected after riding other Forum boards. It is best used for free riding or landing tricks in powder. Riders who spend their days in the park may be slightly disappointed in this board. For park riders I recommend a 2005 J.P. Walker Pro Model which is less stiff, lighter, and has a little more pop.

Weight 9/10
As mentioned earlier in the review, the new core really helps the overall weight. Even through it is not the lightest board in the Forum line, it has a good overall weight.

Shape 10/10
I have always been a fan of the Shape of Forum's snowboards shapes. The core is slightly thicker near where the bindings are located, for a better feel. The twin tip is a design where the tip and the tail of the board are the same in size, making riding switch easier than a directional shape.

Durability 9/10
Although its not perfect, this board really holds up well compared to previous Forum offerings. The board is showing no signs of delaminating unlike my 2001 Forum Peter Line. The base is a little bit more scratch resistant, and if it does get scratched the scratch is not as deep.

Graphics 10/10
The base graphics are very great looking with a good color scheme and blending of colors. I have the 157cm size model which has green as its main color. It has a little bit of a disco theme on the bottom with the signature Forum F. Possibly the best looking snowboard I have ever seen.

Value 9/10
I paid the price of $375 for this board while it was on sale in preparation of next years model. This is cheaper than most Burton snowboards and other companies higher-end boards. This model and the JP Walker pro model are two of the best values in snowboarding.

Overall 4.7/5

Forum is going to be releasing their 2006 model snowboards soon, so if you want to buy a 2005 Forum snowboard now is the best time. You will find them closed out at most snowboard shops. I recommend this board to people who like free riding and landing tricks in powder. If you like riding park there are better options although this one is a great overall board.

My review on the 2001 Forum Peter Line


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