Four Paws Stake Hurricane Tie Out Orng 12 Reviews

Four Paws Stake Hurricane Tie Out Orng 12

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Four Paws Tie Out Stake

May 17, 2009
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The Bottom Line: This is a great tie out stake!  There is no way that our dog could ever pull this one out of the ground!

We were putting our dog outside on his tie out which we had attached to a tree in our yard.  It wasn’t working out much because all he kept doing was wrapping himself around it.  It kind of defeated the whole purpose tying him out for a while.  We decided to look for a tie out stake so that we can move him to the other side of the house and have more running space without getting tangled up.  The problem was, we needed to find a long one to drive into the ground and not one that twisted itself into the ground because some of those stakes are easy for him to tear out of the ground.  We looked at a few different pet stores so I can’t remember where we found this one at.  The Four Paws Hurricane Stake cost us a little less than $20.
When I saw the Four Paws Hurricane Stake, I knew there was no way he was getting this one out of the ground.  The stake is about 2 feet long.  I would say it was about an inch thick too.  It’s been a while since we bought it and there is no way I’m getting that thing back out of the ground.  It’s made of a tough durable metal and its painted orange.  There are 3 wings going down both sides of the stake so that it secures itself pretty well into the ground.  It’s pointed on one end so that it’s easy to drive it into the yard and at the top of the stake is a short bit of chain where you can hook a tie out to the stake.  The short link chain is only about 6 inches long in length.
Performance / Opinion
I was very pleased with the Four Paws Hurricane Stake.  We have a German Shepard and we can’t use those stakes that you twist in the ground as mentioned before.  He is too big and too strong and will pull those out of the ground especially if they aren’t long enough to go very far into the ground.  I remember one time at another place we lived; we had one of those and didn’t realize that he wasn’t in the yard.  We saw him walking down the sidewalk dragging the stake along with him.
With this stake, there isn’t any twisting it into the ground.  It’s a straight stake with the wings on the side.  With this one, you just drive it into the ground.  You’re supposed to leave about 4 inches or so showing at the top of the stake.  My husband on the other hand, drove it all the way into the ground.  I guess he wanted to make sure that our dog couldn’t pull it out.  I guess the reasoning behind leaving a little at the top out of the ground is so that you can find it.  It’s not a big deal for us because we don’t take our dog’s tie out off of it unless we are mowing the yard.
It was pretty easy driving the stake into the yard even with those wings on the sides of it.  We did have to use a hammer to pound it in there though.  The short chain is really durable also.  The links are really thick and durable and because it’s such a short length, the chances of my dog breaking that are slim to none.  This stake is made for large dogs also.  I’m pretty happy with this one.  If you have a dog that you can’t keep on a tie out attached to a yard stake, try this one or at least another like it.  It works really well and from experience, I can guarantee this one will not come out of the ground!
I don’t think we will ever get ours out of the ground unless we literally dug it out of the ground.  I really don’t even think the fact that my husband drove every bit of it in the ground even makes the difference because he had it about halfway in the ground and realized he wanted to move it over just a little but he couldn’t pull it out very easily with only having half of it in the ground.  It’s definitely worth paying the price for and I trust that my dog will never pull this thing out of the ground or break off the chain attached to it.  He loves the freedom in the yard too without getting wrapped around the tree.

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