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High Stakes B-I-N-G-O

Nov 4, 2008 (Updated Nov 4, 2008)
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Pros:Low admission cost, long play time, Large amount of games

Cons:Can be overwhelming if it is your first time playing there. 

The Bottom Line: I would recommend bingo at foxwoods to anyone who has played bingo before because you rarely get the opportunity to win this much money by just playing bingo. 

  This isn't your grandmothers bingo, this is anything goes high stakes! Foxwoods casino, the world's largest casino, houses a large high stakes bingo hall.  Located in Stonnington, CT, the 3,600 seat capacity bingo hall, is bingo taken to its extreme.  Bingo is play almost 350 days a year. two times a day. There is a 10:00am and 6:00 pm session.
Admission Information
The price of admission, $10 - $500, depends on the type of bingo they are playing that session. The amount of payouts for each bingo determines the type of session, although the average admission is $20.  Bingo begins with a large line of people waiting to buy their tickets and get into the hall. You must have an admission ticket and packet with you to enter the hall.  Doors to the hall open up two hours before the main games begin.  Expect to line up 20 minutes prior to the doors opening.  People line up this early to make sure they have a good seat, especially if you are a non-smoker.  Additional packages, games, and specials can be purchased for $1 - $25.
What is included in my admission cost?
It really depends on the type of session.
What is normally included
An all nighter package. This includes a 9 card x 18 game package. 
An U-Pick-Um ticket. This is a "you fill in the numbers" game. 
A Bonanza Game. This is a Big Jackpot game that takes place at the end of the session.
Sometimes included
A Quickie game
A Mystery envelope that includes mystery items. Some past items are bonus food coupons, extra dream card points, strip cards, or maybe even a VIP number. If you receive a VIP card you may get money every time a certain number comes out.
Where can I sit?
 As far as playing bingo you have some options available to you. You can play the paper tickets or play on a video terminal.  Video terminals display the cards on a touch screen terminal and the numbers called are also displayed.  The admission price for video is double the amount of paper. You also have the option of where you would like to sit.  The big main room, where the bingo balls are actually called from is smoking and non-smoking, but really once that room gets full it's a fog of smoke in there, gross, Smoking video, and the non-smoking room. The non-smoking room is small but contains both tables for paper players and video terminals. Some of the video terminals also have slot machines next to them so you can get your double gamble on.  Please note that if you want to get in the non-smoking room you need to get there early. Those spots fill up fast. 
What games do they play?
Some bingo games begin about 30 minutes before the posted start. These games are called Warm-ups. Warm-ups cost $3 for 3 on 6 or $6 for 9 on 6. For rhose that are not familiar with bingo lingo that means 3 cards for 6 games.  They usually play two sets of warm ups. These are regular bingo and the amount won is usually $50 - $200 each game. 
After warm ups come the real start of the official bingo session, these are called Early Birds, they are included in admission. These games are usually some form of regular bingo or hard way.  In addition to early birds they also play 18 "all nighters" which are part of the cost of admission. These are considered non-special games and payout what the payout is for that night.  This also includes the jackpot game.  They also play 8 special games which are not included in the admission packet. These are normally the games where you get a payout and also a chance to win more money by winning bingo. These packets cost extra money.  Two other types of games are also played; Quickies and U-Pick-Ums. Quickies are a fast paced bingo game and U-Pick-Ums are where you fill in your own bingo numbers. Both of these types of games cost extra. Finally, every bingo session ends with a Bonanza game. At least one Bonanza card is included in your admission.  The actually type of bingo is varied and usually includes
Triple hard way
9 block
double postage stamp
Four corners and Bingo
Crazy kite
Crazy T
Crazy L
Wild number
Picnic Table
Some other helpful information:
Soda and Coffee is available for free, there are machines and a cart does also come around.
There is a snack bar located in the bingo room, a person usually will come around and take your order. 
Bingo number boards and also video screen, which display the called ball, are located generously throughout the room.
Do not take out your cell phone or use it during bingo. A lot of the regulars hate this and are not afraid to tell you they do, loudly! =)
This is not your average bingo game and it can get tricky and confusing at times. If you need help just ask your fellow bingo player, really anyone would be happy to help you if its your first time.
There is a 15-minute intermission during the session. Got to the restroom, get a drink but be back at your seat soon because they do give away money door prizes. Check the back of your ticket for your number. 
Bingo Dabbers are available for purchase for $1 each. 
And most importantly have fun and gamble wisely! =)
High stakes is truly one of the main reasons why I enjoy playing at Foxwoods. Having a shot at winning over $1,000 is a real draw. For the cost of admission, $20, you get over 3 hours of bingo with the chance for winning you take of over $25,000.  You can't beat that chance. In addition, I really like the number and selection of games they play. You get the opportunity to play over 30 games, that's a lot more than the local bingo places.
What I don't like is the crowds, it can get very busy, especially on the weekends. A lot of people come just for bingo. These are very very serious bingo players and when it comes to bingo they are serious.  A lot of people there come everyday and they get very upset when someone doesn't follow the unwritten rules, like no talking.  That attitude kind of takes away from the fun of it. 
Overall I would recommend you give Bingo a chance if you are visiting Foxwoods. It's really a great way to spend your time with out spending a lot of money. 

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