My dishes come out dirtier than they went in!

Dec 31, 2007
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Pros:Stainless steel looks pretty when its clean!

Cons:wow, too many to list here

The Bottom Line: This looks great minus little handprints, but the most I use it for is sterilizing

As part of a home renovation project, my husband and I decided to go with matching appliances in our kitchen. He really liked the look of stainless steel. I really didn't care seeing as how for the past two years, I have been living in an unfinished house, doing dishes by hand! So after not a lot of research, (did I mention it had been two years?! I was desperate!) we decided to go with the Frigidaire stainless steel appliances by Electrolux. We bought the glasstop stove, fridge, microwave and dishwasher. I love everything except the dishwasher. It's horrible, really. I wash my dishes in hot soapy water before loading them into the dishwasher and they can come out looking worse than they went in! After reading others reviews on the subject, I can see that they also have similar problems. The top rack hardly ever gets clean, the dishes up there usually have a gritty caked on layer that I have to scrub to get off. I worry every time I make mashed potatoes because it seems like if I don't get every little bit off of the dishes before loading them, than I am guaranteed to have dirty dishes in the end. The inside of the dishwasher is often covered in a dirty, greasy film with a layer of filth where the door meets the washer on the inside. And this is after the dishwasher has run! So you know that if the dishwasher itself is dirty after a cycle, than the dishes have to be too! It is also not very quiet. My grandmother’s 20 year old dishwasher makes less noise. I called Electrolux and the lady suggested I take everything apart and clean it. I have two small children who love to help mommy and this becomes a real chore! I have to clean it about once a month on average and even then, I am not guaranteed a satisfyingly clean set of dishes. Another problem I have is that the bottom rack doesn't slide in and out very easily. It always seems to get jammed up and I have to put it back in place. I am just very unhappy with this dishwasher. As thoroughly as I clean my dirty dishes before loading them, I should just put them into the cabinets, but by golly, I paid for this dishwasher and I am going to use it, even if just to sterilize! I would not recommend this piece of junk to anyone.

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