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Pure Source Refrigerator Filter ~ Your fridge can't scream for a replacement

Aug 31, 2008 (Updated Feb 21, 2009)
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Pros:Removes cysts, particulates, chlorine, lead, mercury, herbicides & pesticides for clear, clean water

Cons:Costs money to replace (about $40) but save money by buying in bulk.

The Bottom Line: Please, learn from my laziness. Change your refrigerator's water filter before your fridge stops working! It's worth the investment, and may be easily accessible at the local home improvement store.

I'm embarassed to admit how long I waited to replace my aging water filter in my new Electrolux Icon Refrigerator. When I first purchased my fridge, I noticed it had a filter indicator button on the front. As I dispensed water from the fridge, the filter light would flash green during the dispensing process. Some time later, the filter light on my fridge remained lit continually. Silly me, I assumed that since the button was still green, that meant the water filter was still working. I guess I was expecting it to turn red! And, my water still tasted pretty decent, so I conveniently forgot to check the filter. One day, my fridge and freezer both started acting very funny, the temperature kept increasing, and I couldn't get the ice or water dispenser to work at all. That's when I realized, "you idiot ~ you need to change the filter!" Indeed, my poor ice/water filter had been working overtime and I had no choice but to embark on an emergency search for the correct filter for my Electrolux Icon.

Availability: After making a few calls, I discovered what I felt was a miracle. My Electrolux Icon refrigerator, which is affiliated with Frigidaire, will accomodate the Pure Source 2 Ice/Water Filtration System. And, good luck omen #2 ~ these filters were stocked at Lowes store relatively close by. There would be no need to order them off the internet or drive across town looking for an obscure product. Hallelujah!

Replacing: Upon purchasing my Pure Source 2 filter, I headed straight for my misbehaving fridge and replaced it. Removing the old one was simple ~ I just pressed the button and pulled it out. The new filter popped in without a hitch. The directions say to run the water for about 3 minutes and discard it, which conditions the filter system. Then, I reset the filter button and waited patiently to see if my fridge would start operating correctly again. It did take a few hours for the temperature and ice/water functions to start behaving normally, and I vowed never to wait so long to replace it again!

Purification and Taste: After drinking filtered water from my new fridge for about two years, I can't ever go back to drinking tap water again. Well, sometimes my husband will try to fool me with tap water in the dinner glasses, but I can always tell! I have been very pleased with the taste of water and ice with Pure Source 2 filters. Water tastes fresh and clean with no after taste. I haven't detected any chemical taste either ~ just pure H2O! Another advantage of having filtered water from the fridge ~ I can fill my bird's water silo with clean water and I don't need to add any purification drops to his water. If I had a dog, cat or other pet, I would use filtered water instead of tap water for my pet's health.

Contaminates Treated: According to the box, Pure Source 2 reduces: Cysts (99%) and Particulates (99.1%). That means the sandy residue I used to notice left behind by my old fridge, which merely dispensed unfiltered water, is no longer. You'll get rid of grit! Some other contaminates which are filtered out are: Turbidity (97.8%), Aesthetic Chlorine (97.4%), Mercury (96.6%), Herbicides (2,4-D (99.9%) Alachlor (97.3%) and Atrazine (94.6%)) and Pesticides (Lindane (98.9%) and Toxaphene (93.2%)). I used to leave unfiltered tap water in a glass by my bed, and sometimes a slight haze or discoloration would form at the top or bottom. This tasted really yucky ~ and I'm sure it was composed of these nasty elements. I am grateful that with filtered water I am no longer ingesting these substances!

Usage: The Pure Source 2 box has some helpful suggestions which I urge you to follow. Most importantly, they recommend changing your filter every 6-9 months, or after 400 gallons, whichever comes first. Or, for people who need a visual reminder, if your Frigidare or Electrolux refrigerator comes with an indicator light, change the filter when the indicator light comes on and stays on! I recommend at least reading your refrigerator manual and following their instructions on how often to change the filter.

Another sign that your refrigerator's water filter may need changing, is the rate with which water is dispensed. I noticed that it would take a long time to fill a glass of water with the old filter, but water flows a little faster from the dispenser with a new filter. This isn't scientific evidence but just my personal observation.

Compatibility: This filtration product will fit all PureSource 2 refrigerator models manufactured by Frigidaire. Also, it fits my Electrolux Icon fridge. Before purchasing, double check your filter model for compatibility! Also, buying in bulk may reduce the price by a few dollars per filter. I will buy several and keep them on hand so I have no excuse to put off replacing it.

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