Cardamom-- plethora of nutrient value--more Eliattaria Cardamomum please

Mar 24, 2011
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Pros:Almost the perfect food, High iron, tons of medicinal quality

Cons:Has alot of Maganese, potassium & dietary fiber (too much bulk=dryness)

The Bottom Line: Middle eastern dishes will love the sparing use of this sweet spice that is high in nutritional value. Lowfat, expensive, Appetite stimulator, dessert enhancer

Okay you have some guests flying in from Delhi and you want to serve something sweet n tangy, so what do you grab in your pantry of spices and herbs ? It must go well with Frontier Natural- Cardamom -Seed. 2.08 oz for she is the ‘queen of spices’.

This perennial herb is found widely in South east Asia and the Middle eastern folk are quite fond of the cooking and flavoring properties as well as some of the healing properties this spice offers. It is popular because it sweetens naturally, bitters.

The herb is particularly useful when vegetables take on the high acidity causing an acrid taste or smell in which cardamom, tames and brightens with a sugary richness. No calories cause it is not sugar.


The delicious seed is ground down very fine and powdered housed in a small container, cylindrical and fitting in one’s palm made of either transparent plastic or glass. The label is white and the lid is dark green and the powder inside is dark orange to burnt sienna in color.

|| COST ||

Sometimes it can be found not ground, Frontier Natural- Cardamom -Seed. 2.08 ozs in seed form can be purchased from their website at under $8.oo, but in some health food stores the cost can be much higher like $15.oo and in grocery aisles chances of getting the best standardized seed, without any chemical alteration, it can run you about $9.oo - $20.oo


There are a few good medicinal qualities about this queen of your pantry (hey now you can be a princess to this one) but anyway between detoxifying your blood and relieving stress both applied externally as a heated massage oil or bathed in a tepid tub, the healing properties are well appreciated amongst sore muscle sufferers.

From a psychological perspective and receiving the ‘art’ of great mass therapy back when the ex and I enjoyed such things, the oil of Cardamom delivered a calming and ache-relieving effect without the cooling sensations commercialized rubs with camphor generally deliver although the smell of is faint and you do smell great afterwards. The oil is not thick therefore can penetrate subcutaneous levels deep and while exciting the nerve endings in the brain, a psychological calm is induced.

Body follows and it is all good from there. In addition to external stress relief and muscle tension reversal, it is a digestive aid in the most useful way for those having trouble keeping weight on or wanting to eat at all. Slender figures can suffer from a plethora of nutritional deficiencies which can alter their personality at times that make them think, ‘am I losing it’ ? Well no but we are what we eat and here is how and why.

Most of the processed foods I avoid these days would have me teetering scales at 150; but because I found out the hard way what my body cannot have will make me worse off from that day forward, I am only 121 for the last decade and a half.

Some weight loss is achieved by cutting out chemically-altered foods and adding natural stimulants to re-activate the metabolic rate after absorption. So is some weight gain because now the body is forced to burn its own calories instead of fending off chemical additives and dyes, depleting its own healthy resources.

Cardamom is a special kind of spice that acts as a digestive tonic for cleansing as it secretes more of what your body and diet feed on. It increase the need to satisfy hunger in a good way. It can relieve heart burn pain associated with GURD and eliminate the onset of flatulence when you eat things like broccoli or peas. As you see this is good for you and I highly recommend consuming some.


100% pure cardamom seeds with oil retained, dried and pulverized. This is also available in actual seeds but very hard to find.


In a 100g serving an individual is getting a POWER-PACK of nutrition; however very high in Manganese and Iron the latter being 175% quite helpful to anemic deficiencies where erythrocyte production is concentrated most and destroyed the fastest, this really reverses iron deficiency.

Consult with your physician though because I am no doctor, just degreed in the areas able to make this information possible. The percents are based on the standard RDA for these healthy constituents our bodies need, Vitamins by their clinical name and how much % is in 100g; Electrolytes which are needed for re-hydration of the organs throughout following strenuous and routine exercise. The physical overload can be reversed from the ones this 100g serving offers; and finally the Minerals this GREAT herb provides.

Energy= 15.5%
Carbs= 52.5%
Proteins= 19%
Total fat= 23%
Dietary fiber= 70%
Niacin= 7%
Pyridoxine= 18%
Riboflavin= 14%
Thiamin= 16.5%
And Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)= 35%
Sodium= 1%
Potassium= 24% (statin drug and BP lowering drug takers, caution
Calcium= 38%
Copper= 42.5%
Iron= 175% (great for anemic)
Magnesium= 57%
Manganese= 1,217%
Phosphorus= 25%
Zinc= 68%

A VERY nutritious supplement if you are not eating a substantial solid food diet or getting enough fruits, vegetables and meats,  Frontier Natural- Cardamom -Seed. 2.08 oz is really a natural nutritive-value herb !

|| SMELL ||

I smell flowers of the tropics, perhaps an exotic fragrance captured in the breezes out of Bhopal, Damoh, Nagpur, Mumbai or Puni and these are all in India that I have never visited although eaten some of the dishes prepared from those places.

|| TASTE ||

The teeny weensy bit I have left in the bottom of our plastic container is enough to give a palatable experience, words. Crunchy, tart-sweet but most emphasis on the caramelized sugary sensation it gave my taste buds. I do sense some slight licorice or is it camphor scent ? It sweetens dessert dishes better than sugar but sparingly for this brand, is super concentrated.

|| USES ||

I found that Nordic countries add this sparingly to oat and wheat flours to enhance the sweetness of the whole grain, as normally it is more acrid. I also found that when chewing this like sugar cane abusers do, you won’t get any better digestively-speaking because it will only assist gastric issues if one is present. It is a masticatory herb that unlike resin chewing gum, won’t loose flavor so quickly.


Avoid  Frontier Natural- Cardamom -Seed. 2.08 oz during pregnancy and talk with your doctor about how much to ingest when wanting to increase appetite and aid metabolism.

|| VERDICT (my) ||

After having enjoyed  Frontier Natural- Cardamom -Seed. 2.08 oz on many different things like rice, beef, poultry and vegetables like squash and zucchini, I highly recommend it and my appetite has improved.

I think it serves the culinary well but the health and healing arena, most superbly ! If you have no other remedies around for gastric, circulatory, metabolic, energy and no supplements, take a spoonful of cardamom dissolved into a hot tea like apple-cinnamon or a berry tea.

Thank you for reading and

Enjoy !

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