Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 Pass-Through Scanner Reviews

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 Pass-Through Scanner

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Feb 24, 2011 (Updated Feb 24, 2011)
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Pros:Scan to email, folder, Word, Excel, CardScan, Power by USB or Mains 

Cons:CardScan software is a great concept but execution is not ready for primetime. 

The Bottom Line: Great for Mac or PC. I would definitely purchase again. 

After reading several articles on "going paperless" all mentioned the ScanSnap scanners from Fujitsu I started looking more closely. At first I looked at the S1500M but just could not justify spending over $400.00 for a scanner. After some research came across the S1300. 

I have only owned this scanner for a week but in the week that I have owned it I have scanned a 2 foot high pile of paperwork that I have been keeping in a basket that needed sorting. (the kind of stuff you know you won't probably need in the future but will desperately need the minute you throw it out). 

The scanner is quite small all folded up but a bit heavier than it looks. Very solid piece of hardware. Opening the lid turns the scanner on and activates the ScanSnap software on my computer. There is only 1 button on the scanner and that starts the scanner using the profile selected as default in the software. (Hold down the button until it blinks for long papers up to 34 inches long). Once the scanner is opened there is a long paper holder that telescopes out in 4 sections and a paper guide that adjusts to the width of the paper inserted. 

Scans are quite fast at 8 PPM double sided. What is really amazing is that the software determines if it is a color, greyscale, or B&W document, automatically adjusts for skew of the document should it get crooked in the scanner, even turns the page to the correct orientation. The software will even auto delete blank pages but if there is a staple hole or a crease in the paper the scanner shows an image since it thinks there is something on the otherwise blank page. This is a problem that I can live with though. 
The OCR software is Abby FineReader and is quite accurate and fast. The scanner uses the FineReader software to create searchable PDF files. The reason to create a searchable PDF is so that what ever is scanned can be found again just by using desktop search on the words in the scanned document. 

If you are more of a "keyword" search type of person the ScanSnap has you covered there too. Just take a regular highlighter pen and highlight any words you want to use as keywords in a B&W document and those words will be stored as keywords in the final scan making search accurate and fast. 

The scanner uses a mini usb cable for data to the computer and a power cable or a separate usb cable that powers the unit. (under usb power the speed of scans is cut in half)
The only downside to anything with this is the CardScan software. CardScan is supposed to take scans of business cards and put the information into the CardScan program that can be imported into your address book or outlook, unfortunately it is not as accurate in determining which fields go to which part of the business card and the results can be messy unless the business card is rather plain. With CardScan I had about a 30% success rate. Everything else works well. 

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 240.00
Interface: USB

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