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Magnavox DP100MW8B DVD Player

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My Experience With Funai Magnavox DP100MW8B DVD/CD Player~

Feb 9, 2008
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Pros:plays DVDs fine now

Cons:plays CDs badly now and total performance won't get better

The Bottom Line: I'm hoping to get a Sony or JVC player next.

Recently my great, little GPX DVD/CD Player (about $35) that was an early Christmas present in 2006 up and died on me, sending me on a hunt for another one. I couldn’t find that brand around here and decided to try out the Magnavox DP100MW8B because it was cheap at Walmart ($29.99), plus it was small and black. After a week of playing a barrage of DVDs and Cds, I’ve realized that it plays DVDs just dandy, even twice in a row, but it will randomly skip CD tracks, an average of twice each CD, on some of my newer Cds as well as all of my older Cds. They play fine on my DVD/CD Player built into my Toshiba TV, so it’s not the fault of my Cds. My 2006 CD “An Other Cup” by Yusuf Islam even skipped twice, so it’s not that the Cds are that worn out, scratched or incompatible for some reason. This is unacceptable.

Only if you plan to play only occasional DVDs on this player can I recommend it. If this describes you, read on for more information. The Funai Magnavox DP100MW8B comes with a black, easy-to-use remote control (no AA batteries included), RCA audio and video cables for quick set-up and a helpful owner’s manual (in Spanish also). I just plugged the color-coded cables into the appropriate places on the front of my Toshiba and put a battery into the remote control. The player looks the size of my Complete Works of Arthur Conan Doyle and is weighed down by it and another big book so the light player (1.8 lbs) doesn’t fall off the arm of the couch next to my TV.

There are four, very small, knobby buttons on the front of the player that tells me that it was manufactured by people with small hands and fingers for people with small hands and/or nimble fingers. It’s especially irritating to push the button closest to the opening area for the DVD when it’s in the open position. Not only that, but the buttons must be pressed in a certain way and it takes a little effort. Using the remote control instead of the buttons are much easier if it’s within reach or has batteries.

This cheap player is compatible with these types of discs: DVD-video, DVD-RW or DVD-R, DVD+RW or DVD+R, audio CD (not too well!) and CD-RW or CD-R. The owner’s manuals notes that there are many unplayable discs and these are: DVD-RAM, DVD-audio, CD-I (I think), photo CD, video CD, DVD with region codes other than 1 or ALL, DTS-CD, DVD-ROM for personal computers, CD-ROM for personal computers. You also may not hear sound with super audio Cds (that’s a high-density recording and not normal recording).

The remote control comes with about twenty-three buttons that cover the usual selection of functions, which are explained in the owner’s manual. I don’t use many of them, but wanted to return to a CD track that skipped and couldn’t. I’m not very mechanical or technical, but this need isn’t one they thought of, of course. It has worked well for me, otherwise, and the big red Power button is welcome. They don’t light up in the dark, but I never sit in the dark, anyway.

Some of you may be interested to know that the output signal format is NTSC color, the power source is 120V AC +/- 10%, 60Hz +/- 0.5%, and the power consumption is 10W (standby: 0.9W). It has a limited warranty of ninety days for free labor and a year to replace defective parts. You may pay more for labor after ninety days than it’s worth.


The Funai Magnavox DP100MW8B wasn’t a good buy for me because I listen to a great many Cds that I can’t enjoy on it. Such poor performance right out of the box indicates that its performance will not become better because of its substandard quality and I don’t think taking it in for repair is a convenient or smart option. Magnavox’s slogan is “Smart. Very smart.” I don’t think so, unless you only watch the occasional movie on it. I need a good, reliable player to be able to review as often as I do.

I’m picking up another DVD/CD Player with a much better CD performance and hopefully my review of it will be a happier one.

Recommend this product? No

Amount Paid (US$): 29.99

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